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piston rings

  1. honda cb360 (1974) parts

    Parts For Sale
    i sold my '74 cb360 and have some usable parts i have no need for if you are interested i can shoot you a price i am located in chicago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bike master platinum II 12 amp battery -used for a year 3 piston kits & 2 piston rings size .25 (rings sold with piston...
  2. CB350 1972 first time piston ring installation

    Engine Discussion
    I have just bought some genuine Honda piston rings to put in my CB350. This is my first time doing an engine rebuild and Im confused as to which ring is the first and which is the second ring. I understand the oil rings that go at the bottom of the piston, the top compression rings one is...
  3. Pistons for a 1968 CL175

    Engine Discussion
    Hello Group, Any suggestions on where to find pistons for a 175cc scrambler? This is a Sloper engine. E-Bay has some on line, should I be looking for the ART brand? Many thanks. Bones Mpls
  4. 350f not starting after rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    hey y'all, a while back my cb350f was losing power and had a lot of noise from the cylinders. after it died on me i took apart the top end to find that i had a broken piston ring. i changed them out, deglazed my jugs, and put the engine back together. it ran with a sputter, and some backfiring...
  5. CB 350 K3 Oil Burning

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, I purchased a '71 CB350 K3 last year and got it running for the season. It was burning oil after it warmed up all last season in both cylinders (Right more the Left), but I kept ridging hoping maybe the issue would resolve it's self with some use. Not the case. This winter I...
  6. Piston Ring Conundrom

    Engine Discussion
    Got my '72 CL175 fired up the other day. Recent barn find. 3500 miles. Once I got it running I found it had a substantial leak at the cylinder base gasket. I pulled the motor, Popped off the head and cylinder. Here's the question... The left piston has a different looking bottom ring than the...
  7. '78 CB400T Piston Ring Placement

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all! So, now I'm rebuilding the top end of my '78 CB400TII. I have new piston rings, but I can't figure out which place to put the top two rings. One is plain silver, the other is black with the surface that contacts the cylinder silver. The manual says that one of them should be tapered...
  8. How much blow-by is normal?

    Engine Discussion
    my CB400T runs great, the intake, and exhaust is stock, jeting is 2 sizes up on the primary, I have no complaints there... when I changed the oil last week, I took the drain plug off (engine warm) I let it drain for a bit and then I gave it a few kicks to see if more oil would come out. To...
  9. Honda CB500T rebuild help

    Engine Discussion
    I have a '76 CB550T. It has a small oil leak from the left side head gasket. I thought I'd maybe pull the engine out and rebuild it for the spring, but I can't find anywhere to get the parts. Can anyone tell me where I can get the parts I need for a rebuild? Gaskets, piston rings, ect. I was...