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  1. honda cb360 (1974) parts

    Parts For Sale
    i sold my '74 cb360 and have some usable parts i have no need for if you are interested i can shoot you a price i am located in chicago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bike master platinum II 12 amp battery -used for a year 3 piston kits & 2 piston rings size .25 (rings sold with piston...
  2. For Sale Parts of old!

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    Item no;1,250/305 twin, sets ,new 2ea. 1Nice used right. Item2b,1 only new,some red background-29mm hole centers. 2a=new,2 pairs- small honda of old? 3-ea. 150 plastics,poor Ugh! 3 ea. 4, 2ea. Will polish well, same as2A but used 33mm c’s 5 450 new , 3ea. 6 ,2ea 500-4,1new ,1almost new 7,New...
  3. Various CB350 OEM & Aftermarket Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Hello Folks, I have here a whole bunch of parts for a 1970 Honda CB350K2 that I am looking to sell. If there is any serious interest in the items listed please direct message me. Payment is preferred through PayPal. Shipping is included in the price posted. I will add more to this thread...
  4. WTB!!! 1974 Honda CB450 Complete Running Engine

    Parts For Sale
    I'm looking for 1974 Honda CB450 Complete engine with Carbs, Electrical Kits, Charging System and running in excellent condition.​
  5. A few CM400 parts for sale or trade.

    Parts For Sale
    I have some stuff I'm stripping off of my project. Also, looking for a front brake master cylinder assembly if anybody wants to trade for something Front and Rear signals and relay Battery mount Front fork logo Fork head light mounts Brake light
  6. Parting Out --- 1980 Honda CM400T

    Parts For Sale
    Long story short: I started a project in the fall but school and life caught up to me and I don't have time to really work on it and am in need of the money for my other venture (i.e. College) Basically everything is available but I'll post asking prices for a few of the major/more sought after...
  7. Box of 72 cb350 parts still left!

    Parts For Sale
    Still have a box of cb350 parts left. Everything in picture minus carbs and hand controls. Pm me or email! [email protected]
  8. Hey yall! Probably one of your youngest members!!

    Member Introductions
    Hey fellas! Names Dennis. I come from Bellingham WA! Family migrated from Siberia 30 years ago. I'm 19 and I love motorcycles! I buy bikes and sell parts! I hope to make motorcycles my career one day(: thank you for having me! (Currently parting 1973CB350)