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  1. 1972 Honda CL450 Paint Code

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I am searching for the paint color code for Magna Red used on the 1972 Honda CL450.
  2. Do Honda Frames Come Painted or Powder Coated?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I have a couple of different Honda bikes that I'm working on but currently I'm focused on my 1993 Honda XR 250. I've got it down to the frame and it's time to remove the stock paint and after some research I tried to use Aircraft (paint remover) to chemically remove the paint. After a couple of...
  3. Painting Tips

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, This may seem a silly question. I just wonder if anyone has any tips on how to paint between the Honda letters as neatly as possible when spraying the tank with candy blue. Thanks Graham
  4. Going Hard In The Paint????

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey guys. This is my first thread and the whole reason I signed up for this forum. I am currently rebuilding a 71 CB350 and need some advise on the frame (swingarm, tripple tree, etc.) paint. Looking back now I could have saved a butt load of time and effort getting the parts properly powder...
  5. Easy paint chip fix. to save your original paint.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Easy and inexpensive way to fix paint chips and small scratches on your motorcycle paint job. Save your bikes original paint, it worth more that way.
  6. Cafe Racer Frame Paint

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello all! I'm working on a CM200T Cafe Racer project. Right now, I've got the bike stripped down to the frame, which I found has plenty of rust. I am thinking of repainting it, however I have not done this before. Here are my questions with attached pictures. First of all, the frame has a...
  7. cb175ko Painting hubs..

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    currently restoring.. the bike was used as a bit of farm bike and the rims are dented and buckled.. therefore I was thinking I would remove the hubs and have new rims and spokes.. while the hubs are out I was thinking of; a) repainting them /or b) shot blasting them to bare metal Interested...
  8. '71 CB350 Touch Up Paint

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, I'm wanting to get some people to chime in on their favorite ordering sites for the best touch up paint for my orange/gold (I'm fairly colorblind) cb350. Ready, set, GO>>>>>> Thanks
  9. Engine breather covers have weird finishes on them. Any idea what it is?

    Engine Discussion
    So I'm restoring a 71 cb450 and I got around to cleaning the engine breathers. I'm not sure what the finish on these are supposed to be. But one has a flaky gold film all over it and the other I thought was the raw metal but after polishing one area it looks like someone spray painted in silver...
  10. 75 cb200t paint code?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey fellas. Long time follower, first time poster. Sorry if this question has been answered but I couldn't find it. I have a 75 CB200T I'm restoring and its orange but has been painted. I don't have a title for the bike and I don't know the original color. Where can I find it on the bike? Any...
  11. 1976 Honda CB 200T paint questions.

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, My name is Alex and I recently picked up a 1976Hhonda CB 200t with 7,000 original miles on it. It's in great condition mechanically, but aesthetically it needs work. Someone decided to paint over the tank with black spray paint.... and not even sand the tank down first because I can still...
  12. swing arm chain guard

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi all, need a little help on a minor issue, I have two sl350 frames, one k1 one k2, at the powdercoaters and need to know if the swingarm chain guard is painted cloud silver or black. I'm afraid the previous owners have done some paint work in the past and the ones I have are different colors...