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  1. 71 CL350 no spark!!

    Engine Discussion
    I'll start by saying that i have new coils, PAMCO ignition, brand new battery, plugs are several months old, and rebuilt the carbs. Okay, now to the issue. So i was riding one day and all of a sudden i get a loss of power because it started running on one cylinder. i thought it was the carbs at...
  2. No spark on right side with new coils

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, so i was having sparking issues on the left side and noticed the leads were fried so i replaced both coils with new caps and spark plugs. The weird thing is that after i installed them they were both giving spark and that was awesome, but when I went back the next day to go for a ride, I...
  3. CL175 K4 Only fires on one cylinder, then won't start an hour later

    Engine Discussion
    I've got a CL175 K4. Some background: when I bought it, it had a stripped spark plug hole. I tapped it to a larger diameter, put a timesert in and checked the compression; it was good, not perfect, but it made it to 120psi which I've read is plenty good nuff to work. I did all this with the...
  4. '69 CB350 with unknown run-ability problem--please help!

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all- I'm banging my head against the wall with my '69 CB350 project. The rundown: Got the bike for free and it sat for a few years in my garage. Had supposedly run 8 years ago... who knows. Replaced: stator/regulator (with Rick's Power Sports stator from Dime City Cycles), as the stock...
  5. 1972 CB350 Running on One Cylinder, Probably Carb Issue

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Recently picked up a CB350 in pretty rough condition. Put new rubber in the carbs timed the ignition, adjusted the valve clearances and found that it has good compression. When the whole thing is back together I can only get one cylinder to burn, the left side pipe is dead cold. I switched the...
  6. Bike Only Fires On One Cylinder, Could I get some advice?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    So I have a 1970 CB350 K2, and I recently rebuilt the carbs and replaced the plugs and plug wires. However I was driving the other day and it all of a sudden died out on one cylinder so I checked the plugs and they were fine, any advice on what this could be? I am thinking possibly a coil or...
  7. cb350 suddenly running on one cylinder below 3000rpm

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey all, I've been riding all month, and have had no big problems, aside from a few oil leaks from under-tightened bolts, until today. Last night, as I put my bike in my garage, I plugged in a battery tender (still haven't done the regulator/rectifier upgrade), but accidentally left the kill...