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  1. Does this oil look like coolant got into it?

    Engine Discussion
    Just bought a liquid cooled bike and before I try and start it in changing the oil, cleaning carbs and all that good stuff. Does this oil seem like the milky brown of a bit of coolant getting in? Hoping I don't have to rebuild engine and replace gaskets
  2. 69’ CL350 basket case.

    Engine Discussion
    First post, been lurking for a few weeks. To make a long story as short as possible - I bought this bike for a couple hundred bucks. Decided I could make it my project. I’ve done basic work on bikes for years but this is my first time opening up an engine. So bare with me. Apparently this bike...
  3. Sl350 K2 Stator Cover Oil

    Mechanical Issues
    Hello, I have a 1972 sl350 that I’ve been restoring to running condition. It runs and starts first kick, but there is still a lot of work to do. One of which, being that when I opened up the stator cover to set the timing, oil drained out. Not just a little bit, but the entire oil resovoir (or...
  4. Foolish Question time: Checking the oil on my '79 CM185T

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    The proper method is not covered in the FSM, and the owners manual is long gone I'm sure. So.... Do I leave it on the kickstand to check oil levels? That's a lot of tilt, which will surely change the reading. Or do I somehow try to stand it up with one hand (or a friend more than likely) and...
  5. 1978 Twinstar Oil Leak

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello! I recently purchased a 1978 Twinstar as my first bike. I have a small oil leak coming from a weeping hole. Does anyone know what may be causing it? Here are some pictures of it:
  6. 1974 cb450 help: engine oil

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm a complete noob when it comes to bikes, but I've recieved a 1974 cb450 that I'm trying to get running again. The first thing I did was check the engine oil, because I don't want to be kicking on the bike testing compression without oil. However I don't know how to read the...
  7. Clutch not fully engaging when hot

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there, I'm posting this thread just to ask if this is normal (I think not). Clutch operates fine with the exception of when you switch off the bike and let it rest for 5-10mins. When switching on again especially after riding it for a while (say >50Km) so hot engine, and putting it in first...
  8. '74 CB450 Oil Filter - Can I use an emgo instead?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, Thanks for letting me join the forum - super happy to be here! I'm posting from Seattle, home of the Pacific North Worst. I picked up a brown CB450 last week ( they even make brown vehicles anymore?). It barely runs so just going through the basics. I ordered an oil...
  9. Oil Troubles

    Engine Discussion
    Hi there, It has been ages since I posted here, but I'm pretty stumped on something. I have oil leaks from the oil cover (major ones), crankcase cover, kickstart lever, and the cam box. I pulled the old rubber gasket from the oil cover* and replaced it with a fiber one I bought online. I was...
  10. Rotella sale

    Engine Discussion
    Just for those who use Rotella, Just picked up a gallon of Rotella 15-40 T4 at Advance Auto for 13.99, on sale through the end of the month. They also have Sea Foam on sale for 6.98, clerk said it was for all Advance Auto locations.
  11. 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk smoking?

    Project Logs
    So, this is a update to my previous thread since I guess no one knew what was going on. After cleaning the carbs a million times, putting a carb kit in, new air cut off valves, new floats, it looks like I'm done with the carbs, kind of. Right now, I tested it out by letting it idle, idled...
  12. Leaking like a BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

    Engine Discussion
    Looking for advise, sympathy, ridicule what ever you got really. Here's the deal. I'm using copper head and base gaskets that were treated with Permatex Copper Gasket Spray stuff on my CL350. I went with copper gaskets because of machining and wanting to have proper timing without having to...
  13. 1967 CL160 burns oil after running a few minutes

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm a rather new member, here. I just want to say that I appreciate the community and their desire to help one another keep these old bikes on the road. Hopefully someone can help me... I bought an old CL160 off of a family friend. It had been stored since the early eighties...
  14. 1971 CB450 Ferris metal *piece* on drain plug.

    Engine Discussion
    Hello Honda Twins, This is my first post and I have been a reader of the site since I have been looking into these bikes and now that I have one of my own I had a question. A little backstory on the bike, it was a full frame off restoration done by a retired gentleman then sold to a not so...
  15. Hole in cylinder fin CB350

    Engine Discussion
    I recently purchased this 71 CB350. It appears to have an oil leak somewhere...While trying to figure out where it was coming from I found what looks like a hole in the fin under the spark plug. I assumed the oil was coming from one of the gaskets but I'm not sure if it is also coming from the...
  16. Cb450 pilot adjustment

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey, Very novice home mechanic here. After cleaning my carbs (for the first time) I began to smell gas in my oil. Sure enough one of the pilot jets were missing a spring and the screw was very loose. Replaced the spring and for the first time set my fuel mix. Turned the screws out to factory...
  17. New Member and need help on first bike build

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone new member here, I just recently got my first bike ever (CJ360T) on a trade for a Go Kart, I was trying to get my bike to run today and first checked to see if I was getting spark, It wasn't so I took the cover for the magneto off to see if it was alright since I had brand new...
  18. Clutch Issue?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm a fairly new member of the site and also a fairly new motorcycle owner. I love to learn so this is going to be a fun experience and I would love any feedback. I just recently acquired a '81 CM400T from a friend. It's in pretty good shape from what it looks like due to the...
  19. Oil Filter Gear Won't Go back In

    Engine Discussion
    Have a SL350 engine on my random parts bike. I built the whole thing from the ground up last summer and was just starting to get it running a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the pin that holds the kickstarter stuff on the spindel inside the engine fell off. This resulted in a ratcheting noise...
  20. Is this spark plug carbon fouled or oil fouled?!

    Electrical Discussion
    See image below. Keep in mind, it's just the right cylinder. The left cylinder plug is good. AND I checked compression just after pulling this and it was 160psi so I'm hoping there is no damage to the piston/walls in this cylinder causing oil to enter the combustion chamber... Thanks!