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oil filter

  1. Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, Thanks for letting me join the forum - super happy to be here! I'm posting from Seattle, home of the Pacific North Worst. I picked up a brown CB450 last week ( they even make brown vehicles anymore?). It barely runs so just going through the basics. I ordered an oil...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I have a early 70s CB450 (either 71 or 73, can't remember which) that hasn't run in 10 years. I've had for 5 years or so, but it being my first bike and not much of a mechanic it hasn't managed to run yet. I started changing the oil today but ran into a problem with the oil filter. Once I got...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hi all, I've removed the cerclip (part#14) but the filter cap (#8) will not budge. Should the filter cap slide out? Do I need to just wiggle it a bunch? Any tips? Thanks!