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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    It's fantastic that they have every Fiche but shipping from the UK is just about the same price as my order. Am I better off getting the part numbers together and checking with a local dealer or sourcing from here and there? Honestly don't feel like I need to pay that much for some gaskets and...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hello all, Im in the reassembly phase of a complete rebuild of a '74 cb360 and Im missing a several o-rings/seals I would like to find for a reasonable price. Some of them I could probably get away with not replacing, but while you're in there might as well right?! I have all of the "true"...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Ready to reassemble but the Clymer manual has me second guessing a few things: Page 72 warns "be sure to discard O-rings and replace them with the new ones, or oil leakage will be sure to occur." The figure depicts a o-ring around a dowel on the rear corner engine cylinder stud which channels...
1-3 of 3 Results