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  1. [1st-Time Novice Mechanic] 1981 Honda CM400 Revivification Thread "Thumper"

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    In this thread I hope to save the life of a truly dear friend. My trusty steed... my faithful companion. "Thumper," the 1981/'84 CM400/450 hybrid that I learned to ride my first miles on. That went down with me in a tangled mess time and time again as I pushed the envelope of what we - together...
  2. 76 CB360T - Carb Recommendations

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    Greetings from SLC, UT. Purchased this 76 cb360t with 11k miles. First time owning a motorcycle- I'm stoked to learn about this model It wasn't running when I picked it up so I bought new battery, plugs and filters. Took apart the carbs (Mikuni VM32) and they were filthy…gunk, dirt etc. (all...
  3. First timer in charleston, SC

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    Bought a '79 honda CM185T just a little while ago. I'm new to the 2 wheel world, aside from my old bmx bike. Having troubles with shifting, mechanically. I just started a thread in the 100's-200's section. I was hoping to buy and ride but the guy I bought it from was a bit of a liar now that...
  4. Hi everyone - here to learn

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    Hi everyone I'm 20 years old living in Santa Cruz California born and raised. Grew up playing traditional sports and things of the like because my mom didn't want me to get hurt lol grew up discovered my love for motorcycles after me and my dad restored a 69 K3 CL175. I love it more than...