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  1. First (ish) motorcycle CL350

    Pictures and Videos
    Hello Everyone, Below is a pic of my first bike. I just recently purchased this bike. I say it is my first-ish bike because, I originally purchased a CB350Four, but the title was no good. The seller was kind enough to let me return it (Thank goodness). With my returned money, I found this...
  2. Leaking Carb on CB350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    It looks like i have some bad leaking with my carbs on my cb350. I am very new to mechanics and bikes in general. Can anyone provide some help to how i can go about fixing this on my own. Half the reason I got the bike was to have something to learn mechanics on. Below is a video of whats...
  3. Seriously.....what is this squeak 72 CB350

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Compression test fine. Leak down test negligible. No compression = no squeak noise. What is this squeak noise and why can't I find it? I hooked up a leak down test and went through both compression and exhaust strokes and can't recreate the noise. The last time this happened I was under the...
  4. 74 CL200 (SUPER SLOW) project

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    As my name implies, I am Extremely new at this and thought I’d ask for help before I destroy Anything else on my new project. I’m currently attempting to install a Charlie’s place ignition system and ridding the bike of the points system. Right now I need Help in knowing what tools I would Need...
  5. hello from Portsmouth, NH

    Member Introductions
    Hello to everyone at Honda Twins! I've been a big fan of this forum for a while now and would like to introduce myself. I've been riding motorcycles for a few years. My first bike was a 1971 Honda CB450 and my current daily driver is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville. When I first started riding I...
  6. 1973 CB175: First Bike, First Rebuild, Need Help

    Project Logs
    I just bought a 1973 CB175. Before I decide how far I want to go in restoring it, I just need to get it running again. I have very little experience with fixing bikes, so any help would be appreciated. I'll continue posting questions in topic specific forums. Send me a direct message or add me...
  7. CM400T Blown HG

    Engine Discussion
    I blew it! Quite literally. It was leaking oil, and I told myself she would last one more ride. Oops. I got a new gasket kit, and would like to change it. I really don't know where to start. Well, I know where to start (take of the seat and tank dummy!). But I will be slow going after that. I...
  8. 1980 CM400E Sort of Project

    Project Logs
    I'm about to embark on a repair odyssey which, to many of you, would be a walk in the park on a sunny day with a beautiful girl and an obedient dog. For me, it's something else. I'm a new rider and a total novice, mechanically speaking. Heck, I live in Oregon where we're not even allowed to...