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  1. CB350 Has spark but wont start

    Engine Discussion
    Happy to be here everyone, I have read through several of these trying to diagnose an issue with a cb350 I just purchased. I have scoured this site trying multiple approaches but I am really not sure what my problem is and I am hoping someone here can help. Little background I basically got the...
  2. 1976 CB500T No Start After Rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Fellas, I'm a long time lurker here on the site, and have already learned a great deal from you guys, but need some help. I have a 1976 CB500T (20,000 original miles) that I bought for next to nothing last year from a guy in Luray, VA. The previous owner said the bike shut off after a...
  3. Engine won't start, timing 90 degrees off when setting dynamically

    Electrical Discussion
    Background After having my 69 CL350 sit for a couple months due to a full carb rebuild where I got the float height too high causing carb flooding, I finally got it back on the road and it was running great with new battery and properly set up carbs! Note that I did not touch the timing...
  4. HEI Ignition Control Module

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm presently trying to figure some things out and make this work in my favor. I believe it can be done with sufficient help. IE, LDR or Sonier, since they seem to know a lot about wiring on hand. This is the write up I was looking to Trying to compare wiring diagrams but I can't seem to find...
  5. '68 CL350 - Exhaust sucking in air, won't start

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys -- This is my first post here, so hopefully i'm not out of place. I just recently purchased a non-running 1968 CL350 (with a 1968 CB350 engine on it), and I've been slowly working on it trying to get it back up in running shape. I knew it was going to be a project, so I'm not bent out...
  6. Odd Noise From Battery Area? (Vid Included)

    Engine Discussion
    I just can't catch a break! Here I am yet again fellas, fixed my no spark problem...fixed my theres a problem with the battery area on my cm400a (at least that's what it sounds like) here's a vid from YouTube. Happens when I push start, wasn't getting a response kickstarting. Notice...