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no spark

  1. Hey everyone new and jumping I with both feet first need a hand

    Electrical Discussion
    Well to start I was given a family keepsake of my soon to be wife. It's a 73 CB 450 that was last on the road in 83.(still has the tag). She is wanting to have it running by late October due to it being owned by her father who has passed. Alright let's get started, the carbs were left full of...
  2. 1983 CM250C Ignition Coil Problems - Need Help!!!

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I have an '83 CM250 with weak spark and need a new ignition coil. The current coil secondary resistance is measuring 13.7 K Ohms and the primary is measuring 2.5 ohms. I have a manual for the bike which says the secondary should be 3.7 K ohms to 4.5 K ohms and the primary should be 1.7...
  3. Troubleshooting no spark in the left cylinder (cb350)

    Electrical Discussion
    Just installed new coils, condensers, points, and did a full tune (cam chain, valve clearance, point gap, spark plug gap(+new plugs)) Bike was sitting for a week and after starting it up it now only runs on one cylinder. Lets just say the engine timing is correct and all the new parts were...
  4. HEI Ignition Control Module

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm presently trying to figure some things out and make this work in my favor. I believe it can be done with sufficient help. IE, LDR or Sonier, since they seem to know a lot about wiring on hand. This is the write up I was looking to Trying to compare wiring diagrams but I can't seem to find...
  5. Points Grounding on Cover

    Electrical Discussion
    Still new to the forum. And to these bikes. I have a k0 cl350 that I have been working on for the past year and a half. I am close to being able to ride it, but I keep running into little problems that keeps me from being able to move forward. I don't think this bike has run in the past 30...
  6. 1981 CM400T Won't Start...AGAIN!

    Electrical Discussion
    First, lets remember that I managed to get it started before. Even recorded a video. My multimeter has crapped out. But I don't know why I'm back here. Back at the no start issue. I even swapped out my CDIs. I have 2 others to choose from. I've pulled out my spark plugs, and guess what... NO...
  7. 1978 CM 185T no spark no fire

    Electrical Discussion
    So i've had this project bike for a bit now but can't get over this hill figuring out how to get the bike to fire. I have fuel flowing, she's kicking over but i'm not getting any spark from the plugs. I put in a new battery, cleaned the carb, made sure that's all in tact. Wiring: As far as...
  8. HALP! 65 S90 no Spark >:@

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys I'm having trouble with a little S90 i just picked up as a project I've sort of hit a wall with it. When i plug in the battery, turn the key and go to kick it i get no spark. (its a new plug gapped to .6mm) I've pulled out the motor and checked out the ignition coil and it looks...
  9. 1972 Honda CB350 Coil Problems

    Electrical Discussion
    So, I have been building my bike for the past year now and I finally got to the point where I can try to start it up. Bottom line: There is no spark. I grabbed my multimeter, did a few searches on the web to see what my coils should read, and pretty evident that my coils are shot. I connect my...