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  1. 1986 CB450SC restoration

    Member Introductions
    Hi all! I have my dad's 1986 Honda CB450SC I am attempting to get going again for him. Replaced the battery and now working on it not wanting to start. I think I found some answers already searching around. I am going to try disassembling the push start housing and cleaning the contacts and...
  2. Becoming reacquainted with an old Friend

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    Hello, My name is Gene and I am from Boyertown PA, USA. I am an avid Motorcyclist. My love for the sport is not manufactured specific. I have never met a bike I did not like. I have been riding since the age of 6 and I am a lifetime member of the AMA. I enjoy working on and Restoring bikes as...
  3. Hello from a new rider in Canada!

    Member Introductions
    Hello! Just got my first motorcycle yesterday, and as its a 1984 Honda CB450SC, I figured it would be a good idea to make an account on here. Just a bit about me I guess, I’ve wanted a bike for the better part of 5 years now, and Im finally in a position where getting one was financially...
  4. Clutch will not disengage from Transmission - 1982 Honda CB 450 Nighthawk

    Engine Discussion
    I recently bought this bike, it was being converted into a cafe racer style, but previous owner stopped halfway through, so bike has been sitting for maybe 1-2 years. The first thing I noticed is that Clutch will not disengage from the transmission - I have the bike up on the center stand so...
  5. CB450 Nighthawk won't start. Gas tank rust??

    Engine Discussion
    Hello! I bought a 1984 cb450 Nighthawk (Canada version, possibly the 1983 model) earlier this year. It started cold, worked great on a test ride, then I put it in storage for a few months (with little fuel, maybe 1 litre). The previous owner told me the carbs were timed very recently. Last...
  6. Fuego: 2000 Nighthawk 250

    Project Logs
    Originally got a 1978 CB125s to chop and cafe. I just couldn't do it. Everything was original, and it is a really good looking bike. So i decided to take care of it and fix it up, keep clean. With the urge to mess around I decided to get a second bike. Found a nighthawk 250 and a great deal to...
  7. Nighthawk 250 dies on throttle.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Recently acquired a 2000 Nighthawk 250 for $200. couldn't help but buy the thing. It's in bit of a rough condition. It was dropped few times, dings and dents are everywhere. It does start right up, and everything seems to be functioning for the most part. After starting up, it sounds like the...
  8. Honda CL style exhaust for nighthawk 250

    Engine Discussion
    I'm sure this has been asked before. Contemplating how I can achieve the CL style pipes on my nighthawk 250. I've found CL360 exhausts on craigs but before I decided to buy I need some advice. I'm guessing that it wont be a bolt on mod. Anyone else try this?
  9. 1985 Nighthawk 450

    Bikes For Sale
    Hello all, I know this isn't the best time of year to be posting this... but my wife is spring cleaning in the fall and wants more room in the garage for winter. I'm looking to sell my Nighthawk 450. I just don't ride it as much as it deserves. I have two kids and not a lot of free time (wife...
  10. 1982 CB450 Nighthawk Project

    Project Logs
    Hi guys, I'm new to this community and i thought id share my build/ project with you all. This is my first project and I'm not very experienced but i think i can learn. On June 5th i bought a 1982 CB450 Nighthawk that was in Non running condition sitting outside for months. the previous owner...
  11. 1983 CB450SC Nighthawk

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I joined the forum in Spring 2015 after acquiring a new-to-me 1983 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk. It's in reasonable shape and the PO painted it a really nice dark green (incl the original chrome front fender). I've posted in a few other topics and still have a few things to work out but...
  12. 1993 cb250 nighthawk stator questions

    Electrical Discussion
    Just a couple questions-- everything is stock on this bike. I'm looking into getting this headlight: Black Twin Headlight Motorcycle Double Dual Lamp Street Fighter Naked Dominator | eBay My question is will the stator be able to handle almost twice the bulb wattage? Thanks in advance.
  13. '85 Nighthawk 450 Starter issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello all! I recently bough an 85 Nighthawk 450 and am currently working out a starter issue. With a new battery the starter is sluggish and isn't turning over the bike fast enough to actually start up, however it will clutch start just fine. I checked and cleaned up the grounds, solenoid, and...
  14. 1982 cb750 Nighthawk Gas Tank

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    The gas tank on my '82 cb750 Nighthawk is leaking. I think the leak is coming from the fuel gauge sender unit gasket under the tank. I replace the o-ring gasket but, of course, when tightening the nuts back up, I snapped one of the posts off the tank. The gasket does appear to have helped but...
  15. Very strange carb issue I can't figure out…..PLEASE HELP!!!

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    So I pulled my 1982 CB450SC Nighthawk out from storage and noticed something strange while riding it for the first time this year. It started great, choke worked fine, but while riding it when I went to down-shift the revs stayed high (around 4000 RPM), with the clutch pulled and my hand...
  16. Just Bought a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 450 for $1000 - Thoughts???

    Member Introductions
    Hey all. So I just purchased my first bike for $1000 and feeling some buyers remorse. Was definitely a bit eager to buy a bike and didn't stick with my original plan. Was originally looking for a Honda CB500, CB550 to fix up and convert into a cafe racer/tracker. Really wanted one from the...
  17. Utah newbie

    Member Introductions
    Utah newbie (Pics) Hi everyone. I recently picked up a '82 450 Nighthawk by accident. I was playing with an online auction, and a $30 bid ended up winning it. It's very weathered, throttle is seized, no brake fluid, tires and seat are rotted, carb gaskets are shot, and it had no keys. The...
  18. cb450 nighthawk runs rich

    Engine Discussion
    I have an 85 cb450 nighthawk that runs to rich. I have gone through the carbs and cant find the problem. The jets are stock, floats are not adjustable and measure good, and I replaced the float valve needle. The pilot air mixture screw is set to the leanest setting and still the bike runs rich...
  19. 1986 CB450SC Nighthawk Part Lot

    Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone - I've got a decent amount of Nighthawk parts for sale for shipping or pickup. These were with a 1986 Nighthawk, but some of them could be from different years. Ping me for closeups or any extra questions you have. I've done my best to be fair with current prices. If something...
  20. 450 nighthawk won't start.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, First off I have a 82 nighthawk 450 Bought it running just fine . Then I messed up and rode in the rain for about 10 minutes with no problem. Tried to start it the next day and nothing. No lights no nothing. Replaced the starter relay and now I got lights and everything works but when I...