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  1. Parts Guide
    Guys been working on this Abarth Cafe. I have it running and nearly complete but after redoing my carbs with a complete carb kit off ebay it did not come with a #3 or #14. Where do I get these? I cannot find them anywhere?! Will have photos of bike soon! -Zack MOTOZCDC
  2. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Carb rebuild, take K1-K4 kit for a K5 CL? On the road for a carb rebuild, discovered that here in France the differences between K1-K4 and K5 available kits are the needle and the main jet. K1-K4 needle is # D14=53000 and main jets are 138 K5 is needle is #D31=052301 and main jets are 145...