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  1. Muffler fell off my CM185T. Again.

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I tried finding something in the FSM about these mufflers no dice really. But doggone it the right side keeps falling off no matter how tight I tighten the dadgum bolts. Breathe Thomas. breathe. I just pulled off the highway and started down the country road back home when the muffler...
  2. Air Filter/Exhaust Combinations

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I had one of the mufflers blow out on on my 71 cl350 and I've been looking for a good resource on how different types of exhaust and air filters will affect the performance of your bike. I'm currently running velocity stacks installed by the PO but I'd like to switch back to stock or pods and...
  3. Source for mufflers and misc parts

    Vendor Links
    While doing some random parts searching for my sl350 I came across this company in Australia. They make new repro parts for many vintage motorcycles including exhausts for the k1 and k2 sl350's. Price is $970 a pair and was quoted $100 for shipping to Michigan with a 3-4 month wait time. The...
  4. Looking for new, Quieter, mufflers for CB350

    Engine Discussion
    I'm considering getting new mufflers for my '73 CB350G. I don't think these are the stock mufflers. It's really loud, has been fun, but I'm over it. Current mufflers are 17" long, I wouldn't want to go longer than that, wouldn't mind going a bit shorter. Looks like my center stand hits right...
  5. 1974 CB450 Exhaust

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for new header pipes and mufflers to fit my 1974 CB450. Something off the shelf would be preferred. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Mufflers that fit on '78 CB400

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, just trying to get some new mufflers for my 1978 CB400. I'm looking at the 12" Shorty's because - let's be honest - I'm cheap but I don't know if they will fit between the footpeg and the rear brake lever on the right-hand side. Anyone had any experience with these mufflers on this...
  7. CB175 new mufflers and pipe exhaust system that I cannot identify

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Many years ago, I purchased (what I thought) was a brand new NOS direct replacement for my 1970 Honda CB175 exhaust system. Unfortunately, when my $650 surprise package arrived from Thailand, I did NOT check the hangar and bolt pattern until the winter, whereupon I discovered that the exhaust...
  8. Hello from Virginia - 1971 CB175

    Member Introductions
    I recently purchased my first bike -- a red 1971 CB175. All I've done so far is run some Brasso over the metal and replace the battery. (Had to push start it the first few times I rode.) The mufflers are in bad shape -- holes -- but otherwise it runs beautifully and is in fine cosmetic...