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  1. Help IDing CL360 (?) pipes

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Are these actually off of a CL360 as advertised? I can't find any info or images of a 2 into 1 muffler like this, and I'm hesitant to spend this kind of money if I can't confirm fit. Thanks...
  2. Muffler Modification/Center Stand Issue (CB450T Hawk)

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello! Newer rider here hoping for some modification advice/suggestions I am looking into swapping my large cone mufflers with something a little smaller and louder as well. One issue I have noticed is that the center stand rests against the current mufflers when in its stowed position. With...
  3. CL350 Exhaust problems with aftermarket rear suspension

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    First time poster but I've been reading for a couple months now. I recently bought a CL350 pictured here and as you can see it didn't come with the stock pipes on it. The exhaust it came with was too loud and low to the ground so I leaped at the chance to pick up a set of stock pipes on...
  4. Mufflers - 1982 CM450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Anyone find aftermarket mufflers for their CM450 that look like OEM/stock, and aren't much louder? I know this is the opposite of what most people are doing to their CM450s... switching up muffler styles and going with something louder. I laid the bike down in an accident and scraped up/bent...
  5. exhaust mufflers from early cb450 and wanted left side muffler for 1968 cb50

    Parts For Sale
    Have a very good right and left muffler for a early I guess a black bomber cb450. I am working on a 1968 cb450 for someone and it only has the right side correct muffler but in the spare parrts there is a pair right and left muffler for an earrlier model. The earlier mufflers have a ear to mount...
  6. Exhaust header and muffler removal dilemma

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Bike: '79 Honda CB400 TII Hawk Background: I've been having idle issues lately so I'm doing a carb clean and consequentially a rebuild because why not. I figured since I was going through all of that anyways, I should go ahead and rejet the carbs (from stock) for a new set of mufflers (stock...
  7. 1971 Honda CB350/250 Right Muffler HM344

    Parts For Sale
    Selling on eBay.
  8. CB350 Shorty mufflers:( - ADD A WASHER?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, So basically most of the stuff i've read about shorty mufflers with cb350's is that it won't work because of the back pressure, meaning you need more resistance on the air that is outputting from the pipes. Since stock pipes are longer than shorty's, they don't have this problem. Well I...
  9. CJ360T Exhaust

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi everyone, I've seen a few posts about exhaust systems but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. Though, there's a lot of good material on this site I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I need to replace the exhaust (pipes, manifold, muffler) on my CJ360T. I was hoping to...
  10. WTT: my 69 CB450 aftmkt low pipes & NOS seat 4 your 1968 CL450 muffler/exhaust system

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    WTT: my 69 CB450 aftmkt low pipes & NOS seat 4 your 1968 CL450 muffler/exhaust system My Hooker Header (?) CB450 low pipe black exhaust system and NOS 1969 Honda OEM seat with shelf wear for your 1968 Honda CL450 exhaust/muffler system. I don't need a NOS exhaust/muffler assembly so call me...
  11. 1982 CB450SC Muffler

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    I have muffler (with cones) from an '82 CB450SC available. Not sure what other models it will fit. No header tubes, just the muffler and chrome tips. Will post pics soon. PM me for more info. I am located in upstate South Carolina.
  12. 1981 Honda CM400E new rider seeking exhaust options

    Member Introductions
    I'm new to bike maintenance and riding in general. I got my license this summer, bought a 1981 CM400E and took it on a 5000 mile trip around the country from Vermont and eventually landed in the bay area where I've settled for now. My interest in the motorsport has taken off rather quickly as...
  13. Searching for new exhaust system for CB500T 1976

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Has anyone any suggestions for suitable exhaust systems? Perhaps aftermarket. My bike is complete, the last parts I am looking for is the exhaust system from the engine outlet port all the way to the back. Replacing the original with a used one is an option (difficult to find), another option is...
  14. Honda CB500T exhaust/muffler

    Engine Discussion
    Ok guys, im sorry to even be asking this but i need a picture from someone out there. heres the story Im putting everything on the bike back together after having just rebuild the transmission. Everything back on, kick it about 3 times (keep in mind its been apart for about 8 months now) and...