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mixture screw
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  1. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    While I was cleaning up and tuning up my bike and getting ready to put on some new clutch plates this week i took out my spark plugs and noticed that my right plug was completely black ( meaning it was running rich). But when I checked my left plug, it was almost white, it had not black "soot"...
  2. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey everyone, new here. I'm a college student in central MA and I grew up working on engines, but I just recently got into working on motorcycles..very cool machines. What I have on my hands is a 1971 cb450 k4. I bought it in decent shape and have been riding it strong for about 4...
  3. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    So I pulled my 1982 CB450SC Nighthawk out from storage and noticed something strange while riding it for the first time this year. It started great, choke worked fine, but while riding it when I went to down-shift the revs stayed high (around 4000 RPM), with the clutch pulled and my hand...
1-3 of 3 Results