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  1. Garage Gremlin Busted, 10mm sockets found.

    Pictures and Videos
    Have you ever wondered what happens to those 10mm sockets, wrenches, or small expensive parts that you just had in your hand a minute ago and now you can't find them? Watch this, it's a real live Garage Gremlin. The struggle is real.
  2. CB350 Missing/Sputter at 6,000 & up RPM's

    Engine Discussion
    I have a frustrating issue with my 1970 CB350. Runs excellent up to 6,000 RPM's above there starts sputtering and missing, hope there is something I am overlooking because I feel I have been all around this issue. Top end just rebuilt ( New pistons, rings ) Valves ground New XS Coils and wires...
  3. Maybe I found the problem! Maybe not.. Carb Jet?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Okay, So I am STILL having problems with my bike missing at around 3-4K. If I give it full throttle it runs fine all the way through but if I want to go slow and cruise I get missing on one side.. New Points, timing is on, checked grounds and everything looks okay. So I took the left carb off...
  4. Turn Signals

    Electrical Discussion
    Alright, I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't figure out the exact search terms to find what I'm looking for. The previous owner of my wife's 81 CB400T had removed all the turn signals from the bike. I ordered some cheap ones off Amazon (two-wire), and I can see the wires in the...