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  1. CB350 CB360 CL350 vm28 mikuni complete carb kit carburetor (2) vm28 cafe racer

    Speed Moto Co
    Mikuni vm28 carburetor kit for the cb/cl/sl/ 350 Honda twin. Jetted and ready to bolt on. We have kits for most bikes and if we don’t we can get one made. Link in bio. SpeedMotoCo carb kits on the web!
  2. Mikuni's - right hand carb choke placement

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    How do. It's been a while . . . I've finally fitted some Mikunis to the 450 that I've had sitting in a box for about four years. Fitting them was pretty straightforward - can't remember exactly where I got them from, but they came with intake manifold adapters. They needs dialing in - the...
  3. Mikuni VM32 throttle (idle) stop screw adjustment

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    After a whole lot of tail chasing, finally got my carbs dialled in for the bike. One would think you would leave good enough alone, right? Nope. She was idling a little low, so I decided to turn it up a bit by adjusting the throttle stop screws. End result was a 'spitting' carb (best way to...
  4. looking for Carb insulators 16211-MC1-000.

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hey Guys new to your Forum. I picked up a 1982 CM 450 Automatic I'm in need of a new set of Carb Insulators INSULATOR, CARBURETOR 16211-MC1-000 Any help in locating some would be appreciated. email me: [email protected]
  5. New to Jetting: Help Diagnosing VM32 Install [Video]

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all- Like the title says, I'm new to jetting carbs. I had gotten decent at tuning up my Keihins but wanted to try and see how the bike would run with Mikunis installed. I started with: 185 Main 35 Pilot 6DH7 Jet Needle 2.0 Air Jet 159 P-5 Needle Jet With that set up I am able to hold an...
  6. Too lean? Detonation? CB160

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    DH8A spark plugs show white insulator with some tiny brown specks - specks reportedly indicate detonation so thinking lean mix... However... insulator also shows a smoke ring at the base so main jet and plug heat range seem compatible. Also it gets a higher top speed with a leaner main jet...
  7. Air leak sound? [video]

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    In the space of a week, my bike went from the best it's ever ran to not running at all on the right cylinder without choke. The only way I'm verifying this is that the right side header is only warm, not scald your skin clean off hot. If anybody has a better way to verify if a cylinder is...
  8. Help with CL350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi guys, I've got my first bike, and I'm having a few issues I'd love to learn to solve. It's a 1971 CL350. The previous owner had replaced the stock carbs with Mikuni's. Overall it runs great, but I've noticed that one carb tends to "leak" a lot of gas out of the overflow tube. (I think...
  9. Does anyone have experience with Mikuni Carbs?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I was looking at running the vm32's with K&N filters on my '82 CB5450sc. I can't find anywhere if i can throw these on and be fine or if i'll need to change other parts as well. I know ill need a 2 into 1 throttle cable, but aside from that, will i need to change anything to mount these puppies...
  10. Mikuni VM30 special jetting

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi guys, my project is a ’69 CL350, and I’m looking for some feedback on where to start with Jetting. The cylinder is currently at the machinist being bored to fit my new 1.5mm (65.5mm) oversized pistons from Boretech. He also has my head and is doing a full-on valve and head job, including...
  11. Mikuni VM30 carbs for Honda CL/CB 350

    Parts For Sale
    I have a set of Mikuni VM 30 carbs and air filters for sale. Basically, this set: "The Coveted" Mikuni VM30mm Carburetor, Complete Kit | 30MM Honda CB350 CL350 CB360 CL360 Mikuni Complete Kit I have to verify that everything is still with it, but the carbs and pod filters are there for sure...
  12. Mikuni 28TM Flat Slides on CL350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Has anyone done this successfully? I've searched and searched and only seen the VM's setup on a CL350 that's all stock except for a Charlie's Place electronic ignition. I've got the correct throttle cable, intake manifolds, pod air-filters and a bunch of jets. It's the actual physical mounting...
  13. CB400t 1978 with VM32 Mikunis. Jetting?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey Guys, So i finally successfully rebuilt my motor. So Stoked!!! thanks for the helpful words. Now what is next is getting those carbs tuned. Here's the skinny. I put some Mikuni VM32's on there. Running pods, a Mack 2 into 1 exhaust with an aftermarket pipe with no baffle, and wrapped the...