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  1. Electrical Issues
    Hey all new to the forum but glad to be here, I got a 78 Cb400T hawk the other day in great condition, everything was working fine. Two weeks later my battery dies, the thing doesn’t run at all and I replace it ( I’m using lithium ion because the person I got it from stripped everything and...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    On a ride today, lost all power, checked fuses and main fuse had blown. When i replaced the fuse as soon as I turned the ignition on the fuse blew. I suppose this is a short in the system, what is the best way to track down the short? Do i just need to track through all the wires on the bike?
  3. Electrical Discussion
    PLAESE HELP!! 1982 CM 450 Custom blowing main fuse My 1982 Honda cm 450 custom project keeps blowing the main fuse in the fuse box. I took out the headlight fuse, left the tail light fuse in and it was fine, the main didn't blow. So I took the tail light fuse out put the headlight fuse in, and...
1-3 of 3 Results