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  1. Electrical Issues
    So I recently purchased an M-unit, M-Switch minis, and an m-button to create a new wiring harness for my 72 cb350. I am a little confused about some things. First - the m-button/ switches and grounding. I get that each button is assigned a function according and should be wired directly to...
  2. Pictures and Videos
    This is the first bike i bought 12 years ago. I got tired of fixing the little stuff and decided to dive off the deep end and restore and update everything. From new pistons to electric points to a custom touratech rack i welded up for my panniers. I'll always have this bike in my life.
  3. Electrical Discussion
    This is my first time on the forums and I need a bit of help. I've got a 72 cb350 I'm rewiring, I'm installing a MotoGadget M-unit and I have a pamco electronic ignition. The pamco doesn't have the e-advancer. I've been trying to wrap my head around this, any help would be appreciated! Here's...
1-3 of 3 Results