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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hey there! I purchased a 1978 CB400T II a couple of months ago and it's my first motorcycle. I thought it was in really great shape, looks clean, and only had 8k miles on it. It fired up right away from dead cold, idled great, didn't smell, and ran well enough when I tested it, as well as a...
  2. Member Introductions
    I'm another guy who thought he could work on bikes 40 years ago, finding some free time and starting to tinker with fixing up a CB450K5 my son and I bought from the original owner, a big fellow who had traveled with his wife on it and logged about 17,000 miles. Then the bike sat for a decade or...
  3. Engine Discussion
    So we are redoing my friends 73 450. When we did the motor we only removed the head and jug to replace the gaskets. I cleaned everything up really nice and put everything back together using two manuals and all of my years experience putting motors together. I put each ring with it's gap...
1-3 of 3 Results