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  1. Engine Discussion
    I've been reading alot here since getting a 72 cl175. The engine is locked up and I've put mystery oil in cylinders and in intake/exhaust ports. A few questions; - can't I just put a stronger bolt on the stator side to try and break it free? I've read to be careful not to sheer off bolt...
  2. Mechanical Issues
    Looking for advice on the best approach to freeing up a frozen engine. Bought the bike to work on with my daughter. Before I spend any money on the restoration would like to get the piston unfrozen. When I removed the spark plugs there was water on both sides. The oil when drained also...
  3. Engine Discussion
    hello all. I have been working on a Cafe project and I have it almost complete, so i thought. I took apart the upper portion of the motor to change the gaskets, low compression. I put everything back together now. I tested to make sure I could turn the motor using the flywheel, it did with no...
1-3 of 3 Results