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  1. Electrical Discussion
    Stock lighting (tail light, headlight and turn signals) are all bad, looking to upgrade visually a bit too. I've caught myself in sourcing hell with a million tabs open trying to find 6 volt lights. How did any of you guys go about finding and swapping lights for your bike?
  2. Electrical Discussion
    Hello, My 73 cb450's cluster does not light up. Anywhere I should check first? Headlights and turn signals are working fine but the dash does not light up when I'm turning/ neutral/high beam or any lighting behind the speedos. Thanks!
  3. Electrical Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this and this seemed like a decent post to start with. I recently picked up a 76 cb360T that I'm in the process of restoring and my turn signals are toast. I was wondering if any of you guys had some experience with cheap aftermarket turn signals. another thing I'm considering...
  4. Electrical Issues
    HELP! I recently purchased a 1978 CB750k and I am having some crazy electrical issues... With the key turned to ON, my headlight and my oil light indicator work. The turn signals will come on and stay on but won't flash. The turn signal indicator light both work. The neutral light, high beam...
  5. Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, Motorcycle is a North American 1982 CB450SC. 1. Tach is not illuminated. I'm assuming the bulb is burned out. Anything to watch out for when I get around to changing the bulb? 2. The front left (as I'm sitting on the MC) yellow light does not initially light up like a parking light...
  6. Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I have been trying to diagnose a new electrical problem. First I have my ignition switch set in a series of 3 switches, one for the main power, one to ground the bike (Essentially another kill switch) and one to connect the lighting (TL1 and TL2) together. I made a box for it and it...
  7. Electrical Discussion
    I have been cleaning and working on making my 1978 CB400T into a cafe bike. Nothing to dramatic, lower the handle bars, pod filters (done), and...MOVING THE TAIL LIGHT. It sits up on a tall, ugly, black plastic post. Any ideas on lowering and moving it back towards the seat. Cheap is always...
1-7 of 7 Results