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  1. XL350 Timing Issues

    Electrical Issues
    Hi all, This is a single cylinder bike, but the ignition is pretty much the same as the one on my CL350 so I'm asking about this problem here. I recently picked up a 1978 Honda XL350 for $800. It wasn't running when I got it, but I recently rebuilt a CL350 so I figured this wouldn't be an...
  2. Tail light No brake light

    Electrical Discussion
    I recently dumped all my wiring into a bucket under the seat.... or what I could get into it. Everything works and runs except the brake light. Mystery. It worked up till the mod. I traced the green/yellow and black wire to the brake swtich/spring to their proper mates in the main harness but...
  3. 1980 CM400E new owner questions

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new owner of 1980 CM400E. I have pick it up just yesterday and since then I have been finding a few things about the motorcycle. First, I think the gaskets are old and leaky as shown here. I will address this by doing gasket job later this summer. But what gaskets do...
  4. Left point always on, right point won't turn on?

    Electrical Discussion
    So I've been teaching myself about my 1970 CB350. There's no spark on the left cylinder. I first checked the points using a multimeter and found they were good, so I went to the points next. Using a test light I clipped it to the right point and grounded the other side. The light never came on...