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  1. 1978 CB400T headlight conversion

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi folks. I took a ride in the dark the other night on my Hawk II and quickly realized just how much better a modern lighting system is compared to a 42 year old sealed beam. I was thinking about ways to improve it, I would like to find a way to fit an LED lamp, I was thinking I would use a kit...
  2. License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale

    Parts For Sale
    *SOLD* License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale (Items sold) Hey-o, Just looking to see if anyone could use these two parts. I purchased them early on in my rebuild and decided to go a new direction with it. TC Bros License Plate Bracket, Axle mount, 20mm, horizontal or...
  3. LED headlight upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    Installed a new headlight from superbrightleds on my wife's 80 CB400T today. Fit right in after I squished the wiring around some, and plugged directly in. No adhesives, no fabricating anything, just plug it in and squeeeeeeze it in there. I haven't wired the "DRL" bars on the top and bottom...
  4. CL360 Headlight Options

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello HT forum! I had posted a while back with some engine issues, but with those now solved, I'm moving on to other issues with the bike. Riding at night has always been a hand-clenching experience on some of the darker back roads as my old sealed beam just doesn't have the reach. I know the...
  5. CB450SC Lighting Questions & Coil Upgrade Question

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, Motorcycle is a North American 1982 CB450SC. 1. Tach is not illuminated. I'm assuming the bulb is burned out. Anything to watch out for when I get around to changing the bulb? 2. The front left (as I'm sitting on the MC) yellow light does not initially light up like a parking light...
  6. LED's wont blink on 1981 Twinstar. CM200t

    Electrical Discussion
    I have a 1981 CM200t. I put LED blinkers on it and they wouldn't work, they all 4 lit up at the same time and stayed on. I ordered an electronic flasher from that was supposed to fix this problem. After hooking it up, with the wires reversed, the blinkers blink but, all 4 at...