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  1. Parts For Sale
    This is for the 1980 400E, so it's got the perch for the front brake (drum brakes) lever, the kill switch and the starter switch. It's in good condition. The wires and brake lever switch are good. PM for pics. I'd rather just text pics than get them on my computer.
  2. Electrical Discussion
    Been awhile since I've posted anything. Life got crazy. Glad to be back! For reference. I have a '78 CB400 type 1. So my throttle cable broke(no biggie). I went to replace it and ended up drilling out screws because they were stripped. In that process I decided that I am tired of the kill...
  3. Miscellaneous Discussion
    so ... my bike has the throttle switch with the built in perch and the inline cable brake light sensor (not the brake light wire that runs through the lever). There is no kill switch on the original part, only start and the headlight control. I am replacing all of my cables with new (47 yr old...
  4. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello all, I am looking for the throttle tube housing (start button, kill switch, etc.) for a 1980's CM400. I have the throttle tube, just in need of the housing. I am located in upstate SC. Thanks in advance.
  5. Electrical Discussion
    hi! i'm new to this forum, and i've been searching through lots of posts to see if i could figure this out without re-posting, so sorry if it's already been talked about. i have a 1980 honda hawk 400t. its a project bike, so right now i'm just concentrating on figuring out if the engine is...
  6. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Want a cb 200 kill switch with the starter and brake lever spots. Looking to buy a good condition used one or new one if anyone has a online store that sells them. Any help is appreciated.
1-6 of 6 Results