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  1. Arrgghh Starting Clicking Noise no Compression cb450?

    Engine Discussion
    So terrible day. It started as a great one; all I needed to do was to add oil, button up some wiring, add gas, and finally start up and go for a test ride. WRONG. While going through the normal motions of starting a bike that hasn't been started in several months, after a "restore to life" on...
  2. 1978 CM 185 Twinstar pulls the kickstarter down

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there, I´m having this issue with my 1978 CM185T. When i put it in first gear and start to go, it pulls down the kickstarter and leaves it down making a sort of ratchety noise. I can avoid the kickstarter being pulled down if I hold it with my foot, it doesn´t push it or anything, but while...
  3. Misused the kickstarter, now lower crankcase damaged

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello, I'm pretty new to the forum (and motorcycles, for that matter), and this site has been extremely helpful to me so far, so thanks! I recently got a '72 CB350K4 that runs but needs several smaller things. Overall it seems to be in good shape. I ran into a problem early on, though. I had...
  4. Kick starter assembly 18mm washer

    Engine Discussion
    Does anyone know if the 18mm washer that is labeled "27" in the drawing below is just a steel washer, ie: can I pick a replacement up from fastenal/grainger, or is there a reason to find the OEM honda part? I'm sure this is a silly question, but I thought I'd ask anyhow.
  5. Another CL360 Kickstarter question

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, Im clearly new here, also new to motorcycles. I do have some mechanical inclination, and Im not afraid to get my hands dirty. I have a 1975 CL360 that I have been working on for a few months. I had it running and strong, was working on syncing the carbs and dropping the idle (not in...
  6. cb exhaust limited clearance with kickstarter bolt

    Engine Discussion
    My son and I are undergoing a 360 rebuild project. We acquired a cl360, but are putting a cb360 exhaust on it. What we have now encountered is a clearance problem with the junction of the exhaust header, pipe, and kicker starter. They converge at the exact same location. Everything is too...