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  1. Kickstart Lever falls over when electric start 80 CM200T

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Pretty sure this is something I have done when I did the engine rebuild, involving the kickstart spring. When I run the electric start, the kickstart lever just kinda... falls backwards. I can lift it back to the upright position, you can hear the ratchet mechanism, and it can...
  2. CB350 Has spark but wont start

    Engine Discussion
    Happy to be here everyone, I have read through several of these trying to diagnose an issue with a cb350 I just purchased. I have scoured this site trying multiple approaches but I am really not sure what my problem is and I am hoping someone here can help. Little background I basically got the...
  3. Electric Starter Motor AND Kickstarter not engaging

    Engine Discussion
    I'm new to older motorcycle engines. I've had some experience my '66 Chevy with a 327 and basic repairs on my 2000's truck. I recently purchased my '74 CB360 and I purchased it with a carb rebuild and a tune up. The bike has started up and ran wonderfully since I bought it. I was running...
  4. Kickstart Question

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and this is my first time restoring a motorcycle so bear with me here. I have a 1975 honda CB360T. It has been sitting for over fifteen years, but I already managed to get it running a couple days ago. After I got it running I ran into a couple of issues. The first was...
  5. Can't remove kickstarter from shaft

    Engine Discussion
    Hey All, I've been researching how to get that darn kickstarter off the shaft. Mine will go out half way then STICK. Based on what i've read other folks doing i've tried wd40, pbblaster, torch, pry bar, hit it from the back side with a screwdriver and mallet. It's very likely those "teeth" are...
  6. kickstart with dead battery

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey folks, I have a dead battery on my '72 CB450. The service manual states that I should be able to kickstart the bike regardless of the battery. Of course, reality has different plans. I'm not sure if my technique is wrong, or my wiring harness is faulty, or if the service manual is wrong...
  7. Bike won't respond when key is on, and kick start won't engage.

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys and gals. I just got back from about about an hour ride on my '72 cb450 and parked in my driveway and shut it off. I realized I didn't put it into neutral when I flipped the shutoff switch, so I turned the key to on so I could take care of this and verify with my neutral light. Then...