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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Anyone have luck taking apart a helmet lock with out mangling it? I have a 1972 SL100 K2 with a helmet lock w/ key and a broken lid for the lock cylinder. Figured I could replace the twisting lid with a donor. Bought a eBay lock and can't figure out how to take it apart without pure...
  2. Electrical Issues
    Problem: Starter engaging with turn of key! Not button! Bike: 1972 Honda CB450 Twin So… Glad to be here on the forum- newbie here, and love these old CB Honda’s. First 450 I’ve ever had though. Let me go back to the beginning before the non-stop starter… Bike was firing just fine off the...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    So I guess this falls under an electrical problem. I have a cb160 and have had zero luck in acquiring a key. I've tried a couple of guys on Ebay who claim to have "1000's of old Honda Keys" and also I was wondering if anybody knows of a better resource for finding these things...
1-3 of 3 Results