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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a 1975 Honda cb500t and an original crash bar/ guard. Anyone have any tips on how to beat install it? Would I have to take off the exhaust?
  2. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just to be clear, I mean the six inch lower tailpipe that installs on the back of the lower muffler. I found a NOS tailpipe which the original parts list indicates is the right part for the bike. The covers for the tailpipe are correct for the year, so I have to assume that the mufflers they...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    Hello Errybody, Can anyone point me towards a link or thread that can walk me through how to install the ignition coil? It seems like I'd just strip the ends of the wire and connect that cap but this will be a first for me so I'd like a bit more instruction. Thanks
  4. Engine Discussion
    i tried to browse youtube but all those tutorials seem to have the stator right in the inside of the engine cover. I tried unscrewing this bolt but the whole "flywheel?" rotates with it. I know i need to put a specialty honda puller in that slot at some point in the process but i thought i...
  5. Electrical Discussion
    I just bought a PAMCO ignition and electronic advance for my 72 Honda CL350 it didn't come with install instructions, and wiring details. if anyone has pics, videos of their project, or a good informative website to look on i would really appreciate it, thanks.
  6. Engine Discussion
    I looked on the site and couldn't find a thread that addressed this. I apologize if I missed it. Anyways, the engine rebuild is going pretty well but now I'm stuck. I have the cam chain on the sprocket but I can't seem to get the sprocket on the cam shoulder. Its so close it just won't slide...
1-6 of 6 Results