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  1. Honda CD175 A4 England 1972 - indicators slow to flash

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi I've recently restored the above bike. I've used the original alternator and rectifier. The battery was replaced with the correct Yuasa wet type. The battery is maintained on a battery tender as the bike is currently mothballed for winter. The bike mileage is 12500. The bike stood for over...
  2. Neutral Engagement Issues?

    Engine Discussion
    Howdy folks, Brand new member here, but I've been perusing the forums of this site for about a month now. I just purchased a '72 CB450 and have been having a blast with it, what an awesome bike. Anyways, I went on an 80~ mile ride today, and everything was running wonderfully until I got back...
  3. All indicators come on together but don't flash

    Electrical Discussion
    Yes you read it right When I push the toggle to right , the rear indicator comes on bright but so do the other three but much dimmer When the switch is in the middle they go off Push it to the left and then the rear left comes only In both scenarios none of the bulbs flash I have got all...
  4. installing aftermarket turn signals and running lights -- suggestions?

    Electrical Discussion
    So in customizing my 1982 CB450T all at once, I seem to have caused a problem as I am now not quite sure as to where to start diagnosing my problem so that I can fix it. Basically, I have replaced the speedo and tach and the turn indicators. Also replaced the rear brake light / running light...
  5. Aftermarket Turn Signals CB160

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all! I'm brand new here. My wife recently won a '69 CB160 on the game show Pawnography (with Rick and the Pawn Stars). Cool, right?! We have had it a few weeks now and had to do a little work to get it going, but it is running pretty great and looks good too! Now, we are looking for a...