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  1. Ignitech Settings for a CB400T

    Electrical Issues
    Hello Everyone, First as a long-time forum stalker I justed wanted to send out a big 'thank you' to the entire community here for the invaluable information this forum has provided in getting these old bikes running in top shape. My CB400T would still be sitting in pieces in my parents back...
  2. New ignition coil....Same spark plugs?? Can I upgrade to platinum?

    Electrical Discussion
    Question. I replaced the ignition coil regulator rectifier and battery and upgraded from points to electronic ignition. everything's running great for about 75 mi and then all the sudden my battery is drained and the engine won't start anymore. Pulled the plugs which were previously gas...
  3. '71 CL350 Bogging after Hard Ride

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, I haven't been posting as much since my bike had been running well for almost a year now (no news is good news?). In February, I took it down to the desert in southern Utah, and a friend who rides MX treated it.. like it wasn't an antique. It bogged under acceleration and I chalked it...
  4. XL350 Timing Issues

    Electrical Issues
    Hi all, This is a single cylinder bike, but the ignition is pretty much the same as the one on my CL350 so I'm asking about this problem here. I recently picked up a 1978 Honda XL350 for $800. It wasn't running when I got it, but I recently rebuilt a CL350 so I figured this wouldn't be an...
  5. Can’t set ignition timing correctly

    Engine Discussion
    I’m having trouble setting the timing correctly. I’ll set the left cylinder perfectly, lock it down, then check it again. Still dead on. I set the right with the same process. Get it perfect, lock it, and check it. When I get the right cylinder timed perfectly, the left cylinder timing changes...
  6. How to diagnose electric starter problem?

    Electrical Discussion
    My 74 cb450's electronic ignition is not working. Press the button, no sound at all. I'm not really sure what to check to figure out what the problem is , which is hwy I am asking here. To start, I looked at my wiring diagram, because I thought the starter wire would just go straight back to...
  7. WTS Variety of Honda CB450 and CB360 Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Selling some parts from past projects to fund future projects. 1971 Honda CB450 K4 - original parts - good condition original fenders, an immaculate original seat, clusters/gauges, points/plates, coils/bracket, control boxes, internal parts, several sets of original signals, lots more etc...
  8. Honda CB500T // Runs for 30 mins, dies, then starts but won't rev past 2000 rpm

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi there I have a 1975 Honda CB500T and recently I have been having a problem where after running for 30 minutes the bike begins to putter out (especially when moving at low speeds i.e. traffic). When I try to start it, the engine turns over but will not rev past 1000-2000 rpm even with the...
  9. Stator Rewinding Service: Custom Rewind

    Vendor Links
    The stator on my cm400a went out almost two years ago it took me 2 weeks and dozens of phone calls to find a salvage yard in the United States to that had another one. Flash forward to now-this "new to me" stator has gone out. Knowing how hard it would be to find yet another one I looked for a...
  10. Interesting issue with engine turning over

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, So I have an interesting issue with my CB400TII 1978. After the bike has been sitting for a few days it will have trouble starting. I could run the starter motor a good amount of time and ill get nothing. However, when I take out one of the spark plugs and hold it to the engine to check...
  11. CM400 Ignition stopped working after spark plug wire disconnected while running

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys so I was working on my CM400 and having issues with the right cylinder not firing. While I was messing with it the spark plug wire came disconnected and the engine died. I have power to the lights but when I push the electric start button there is absolutely nothing. I pllled the...
  12. CA160 sooty black plugs, runs rough

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello All - I am new here, new to the CA160, but not new to motorcycles. The bike is somewhat difficult to start when cold, half choking it helps a little. Still have to kick it a bunch, and catch it just right with the throttle. Runs pretty darn rough when warmed up, cannot set idle (idles high...
  13. Ignition timing problems

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey, So this may turn out to be a stupid question and I was just making a simple mistake but, I am having problems with setting the points on my '73 cb350. I am used a feeler gauge to get the points get the timing generally correct, and now I am using a test light to get the timing perfect...
  14. Parasitic Draw / Short at points

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Honda Twins, I want to preface my first post with a disclaimer - I'm 18 and the only mechanically inclined one in my family - so troubleshooting this build has only been me, my climber manual, and the internet. Forgive my ignorance. The previous owner of this bike had cafe racer goals but...
  15. CycleX 3-phase charging system for CB450's

    Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with this kit from Cycle Exchange? Seems interesting as an improvement to stock, or those who have additional electrical loads. It seems this kit applies to bikes that are kickstart only. If anyone has any info or comments, please post! See about halfway down on...
  16. CB450 Right Cylinder Firing Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Fam, I am new to the forum and fairly new to being a "bike mechanic." I recently purchased a 1968 Honda CB450 K1 and have been poking around on the forum to try to figure out a solution to a problem I am having with the right cylinder not firing. I switched the standard plugs out with NGK...
  17. Charlies Place Ignitions

    Electrical Discussion
    Is there or has there been any thoughts on the Charlie's Place Ignition for the 450? It's new to me and it's bolt on and you only need a regulator. I did the whole modify the Dyna ignition thing. It looks like they thought the stuff out you can get the Dyna coils with a premade bracket to...
  18. Ignition Coil Install

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Errybody, Can anyone point me towards a link or thread that can walk me through how to install the ignition coil? It seems like I'd just strip the ends of the wire and connect that cap but this will be a first for me so I'd like a bit more instruction. Thanks
  19. Good coils, no spark

    Electrical Discussion
    74 cb450 k7 Hi all, I've done my share of research on the forum and I can't seem to find the answer, most likely because it is a simple question and might be common knowledge. We've got yellow, blue and black-white wires coming off the coils, and I gotta be honest, I have no smoking clue how...