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  1. ignition switch amp rating

    Electrical Discussion
    I am currently building a cafe racer out of a 1972 cb350 twin. And I run all LED lights and a a Ricks Rectifier and Regulator hooked up. As of right now I making a wiring harness. I would like to run a main wire direct to the battery to the Ignition switch and then to my fuse box so everything...
  2. Honda OEM Ignition Switch and Fork Lock

    Parts For Sale
    I have a Honda OEM Ignition Switch and Fork Lock that I'm looking to get rid of. I had bought it from Ocean County Power Sports on eBay; the switch itself is still sealed as I received it. I'm selling it because I did not think I'd be able to get another key cut for my CL (I had one and lost it...
  3. Keyless?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, First post so bare with me. As you guys know the 500t has the 5 wire ignition switch, doesn't look great if you're going for the cafe look. I'm ok with just having an On/Off switch somewhere on the bike, but don't want to just start randomly cutting these wires. I've looked at...
  4. 1976 Honda CB200t Starter Switch Problem?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Everyone, So, I have been restoring a 76 200t and after working on those finicky carbs, finally had the bike running great. Until I realized that my starter starting acting funny (previously had no problems with starter button or any electrical issues). The starter switch does not do...
  5. CL360 Kick-only wiring with upgraded regulator/rectifier- help a noob!

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! I'm in the process of wiring my CL360 from scratch, using this kick-only wiring diagram: But instead of the stock regulator and rectifier used in the diagram, I am doing the 3 terminal 12v15a Kohler regulator/rectifier upgrade that I found in another thread: which has 3 terminals...
  6. 1980 honda hawk 400t. lights/turn signals work, starter switch not working

    Electrical Discussion
    hi! i'm new to this forum, and i've been searching through lots of posts to see if i could figure this out without re-posting, so sorry if it's already been talked about. i have a 1980 honda hawk 400t. its a project bike, so right now i'm just concentrating on figuring out if the engine is...
  7. not getting power to my headlight or gauge lights

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey so I'm building a '74 cb200. This is my first build and it has gone great until dealing with the electrical. I got a new main switch ( i was having the same problem with the old main switch). The brown/white and brown lines aren't getting any power to them. When i turn the key to the 3rd...
  8. Trouble with Lighting

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I have been trying to diagnose a new electrical problem. First I have my ignition switch set in a series of 3 switches, one for the main power, one to ground the bike (Essentially another kill switch) and one to connect the lighting (TL1 and TL2) together. I made a box for it and it...
  9. Sl350 k2 ignition switch wiring troubles

    Electrical Discussion
    Im creating a new wire harness for my sl350 project and running into a few problems. One is that I can only get the wire (either the speedo/headlight/tailight) that is plugged in next to the battery wire in the ignition switch connector to work. They all work, but never altogether, only when I...