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ignition problem

  1. 1982 cb450 ignition switch

    Electrical Discussion
    I just bought an old 1982 450 nighthawk. It was in great condition for its age and runs but I have an issue with the ignition that makes it pretty much unridable. The key needs to be held in just the right way to get it running. I figured the best and fastest way to deal with it would be just...
  2. 1975 CB125S Point's Issue??

    Electrical Discussion
    Alright, so here's my issue, I've been restoring my dad's CB125 that he's passing to me. It's a 1975. I've replaced basically the whole ignition system and I'm still not getting spark. When using a test light off the point's, I'm getting no voltage at all. My multimeter showed .01 volts. It's a...
  3. Trying to get my 1982 cb450sc started

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum so please forgive me as I'm still learning the ropes. I was hoping someone could lend me some advice in trying to get my bike started. When I press the ignition button my solenoid clicks, but the engine does not roll over. I tried replacing the starter...
  4. CB125 K5, ignition problem with lights on

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, here's Andrew from Poland. I'm riding with my Honda (CB125 K5 Twin, 1972) since June. I'm quite novice in motorcycle technic. Based on longdistancerider post I'm trying to check all bike inspection points for new Honda Twin owner. I have done everything except compression test...
  5. Flaky Ignition Spark

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All! New to this site and still very new to motorcycles in general. I recently bought a really clean 1980 Honda CM400T with 22,000 miles on it. Everything ran perfect when I bought it. Brought it up here (Kansas State) to get around campus for cheap with and have really fallen in Love with...
  6. 1976 Honda CB200t Starter Switch Problem?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Everyone, So, I have been restoring a 76 200t and after working on those finicky carbs, finally had the bike running great. Until I realized that my starter starting acting funny (previously had no problems with starter button or any electrical issues). The starter switch does not do...
  7. CL77 Right cyl misfire unless battery fully charged OR battery charger connected

    Engine Discussion
    My son and I just purchased a CL77 as a project bike. Won't be a show bike but we'll make it a nice presentable rider. It is a project. When we purchased it the only way we could get it to idle smoothly or run smoothly was to have the seller keep the battery charger connected. When we'd run...