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  1. CB350 Left Cylinder not running

    Electrical Discussion
    1971 CB350 wasn't ran for about 2 weeks and went to start it up with no success. Cam chain, valve clearance, point gaps were all set before and it was running fine. Just re-set the point gaps (both spark) and bike fired up but only on the right cylinder. Spark plug gaps correctly spaced. Note...
  2. Barn Find 500T. No Spark

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, newbie here to the forum and absolutely a newbie when it comes to motorcycle builds. I picked up a barn find 76 500T for $250. It didn't run. No carburetors and no battery. I installed a new battery and a few things don't work, but above all, there's no spark when i use the kick...
  3. No spark... that's what she said

    Electrical Discussion
    Just finished rebuilding the top end on my girlfriends 72 cl450 and when the big moment came to fire it up... nothing. i tested for spark and was only getting some in the right cylinder, the left is dead. double triple quadruple checked all the wiring connections and they look fine. tested the...
  4. 1972 Honda CB350 Coil Problems

    Electrical Discussion
    So, I have been building my bike for the past year now and I finally got to the point where I can try to start it up. Bottom line: There is no spark. I grabbed my multimeter, did a few searches on the web to see what my coils should read, and pretty evident that my coils are shot. I connect my...