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  1. CB360(ish) No turn signals or horn

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey there, new to bikes and forums in general. Recently got my first bike which is a '74 CB360T, I believe, that had an engine swap with the one from the '76 CL360 - the scrambler. I figured it was worth making a new post since there's a couple variables there. Right now when I turn the bike...
  2. Looking for a loud 6V horn

    Electrical Discussion
    I was admiring the Denali Soundbombs at 120db, but note that they're listed as 12v. If I need to use a horn ever, I want it to work as desired: make lots of noise. Anyone have a suggestion for a loud 6v horn that might fit nicely into a CM185t? (Not to mention a CB360).
  3. Installed Denali SoundBomb on my '81 CM400

    Electrical Discussion
    If anyone is interested in upgrading their stock road-runner horn, I went w/a Denali SoundBomb and it now sounds like a locomotive. It's a rupturing 120 decibels, enough to (hopefully) wake up the most text-dazed door-slammer. I got the "split" unit to make install better (on my 1981 CM400)...
  4. Horn

    Electrical Issues
    I've got a 1983 CB450SC From what I can tell the electrical system all works as it should except the horn. I can't get it to make any sound by pushing in the button. I disassembled the left controls to get at the horn switch. Looks in good shape - not much corrosion. I am now able to get the...
  5. Aftermarket Horn INSIDE old CL72/77 Round Headlight Bucket horn?

    Electrical Discussion
    Has anyone ever out an aftermarket LOUDER horn inside a CL72/CB72 Headlight Bucket Horn (like the ones pictured below)? My horn is soooo soft it's pointless.. I was thinking I could put an aftermarket round horn that is loud inside as I don't want to ruin the aesthetics? Something like...
  6. Work done this weekend on my 76' CB200T

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    So this weekend my Dad and I took apart the left hand controls on my CB200T to see about swapping it with one from ebay. I bought one suggested by a forum member online here, but it was not going to work without replacing my stock mirrors with a bar-end type and I didn't want to do that at this...
  7. Sl350 Horn issues

    Electrical Discussion
    I am having issues with my horn going off as soon as i put wires together instead of working with the button. From the horn I have wires running to the horn button and ignition switch. From the button, I have wired it to the negative battery hookup as well. Im working on a 1972 sl350 k2, the...