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  1. New member from Nebraska.

    Member Introductions
    Thank you and Hello! Just bought a 1978 cm185. Thought this would be an informative forum to be in.
  2. Attempted 1978 CM185 Resurrection

    Project Logs
    I'm a pretty new member to the forum but figured I should post up what I'm working on since I have made enough progress to actually have something to type. I have also hit my first MAJOR hitch so why not write down the progress in case someone else is looking for help on the issue. I picked...
  3. Stuck on second when downshifting to first

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys so I finally finished remodeling my honda cm185 , but as I took it out for a spin today I seem to notice that when I riding and I come to a stop I sart to down shift while coming to a stop, but it seems that it doesn't let me pass to first gear, it stays in second gear ? If I play with...