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  1. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Guys i bought a cm 125t recently (my first bike) . The original owner had removed the original carb and replaced it with a chinese one. Everytime I give it gas and let off on it it doesnt come back down to idle. It feels like the accelerator cable is stuck. im trying to find an original japan...
  2. Tips And Tricks
    I have a Honda 81 400 c. They precious owner before me took the air box off so I’m gonna have to use pods. Everything I have read, says you need to upgrade the jets to make the bike running smoother. I am new to this building bikes and learning. The screws on top of the jets-one is 95 and the...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Dear all, I am new here on the forum, so first let me thank to everybody who keeps such a nice Honda comunity up and running. It´s great that one can read what other is proud of. I am proud owner of my first Honda, CM400 custom, just recently bought it from Germany and import it into Czech...
1-3 of 3 Results