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  1. cb350 Charging Issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to the page but was hoping I could get some information. I have a 1973 Honda cb350 and the battery is not charging. Bike runs pretty good, bike off battery voltage is idle 12.5v...revved 12.6 v. Battery is new Motobat from Common Motor Collective, rectifier has been...
  2. Girl First Re-Build '71 CB350

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Guys and Gals, Please humor me. Some of these questions might seem lame to you but I am a first time "mechanic". I basically just learned about all the parts of an engine and how it actually works! I am rebuilding my '71 Honda CB350. I race it at AHRMA (Vintage Motorcycle Racing at Willow...
  3. engine makes a "ticking" sound – '71 CB350

    Engine Discussion
    I went for a ride yesterday on my '71 CB350 and met a guy that had owned the same bike when it was new. He commented about the "ticking" noise that my engine makes. Since purchasing the bike a month ago I have checked the cam chain adjustment, adjusted the valves and set the points (to the...
  4. FOR SALE: Classic 1972 (2015) Honda CB350

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    FOR SALE: Classic 1972 (2015) Honda CB350. $4000. NORTH GARDEN, VA 22959. (Full array of pics on Craig's List, here: Classic 1972 (2015) Honda CB350. My avatar/icon here is the same bike.)) WHOA $4000! THAT'S EXPENSIVE... No. It's not. It's a bargain, because you're saving $3000. That's the...
  5. Hello From Sunny Southern California! I Need Some Advice.

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, First I would like to take a minute to say how excited I am to finally be getting my first motorcycle. So since this will be my first motorcycle I need some advice. I've been in love with the Honda CB350 since I was a kid. Now everyone told me I was crazy, to want an old bike as...
  6. Honda 360T ticking noise

    Project Logs
    Hello Honda twins, I'm recently new to this site so any feedback will be helpful, I'm a new motorcycle owner and I picked up a 1975 Honda cb360t a few months back, i got er running but I'm noticing a ticking noise that seems to be coming from the points cover, (well behind it) and also I'm...
  7. FS: Gorgeous ready to ride 1972 CB350 in Memphis

    Bikes For Sale
    This is not a project bike! It's beautiful and ready to ride. It's a 1972 Honda CB350 with 14,600 miles. Less than 300 miles ago I paid over $900 and had the engine rebuilt (bored cylinder and seals/gaskets, new valves), had the carbs rebuilt, and got a new ignition coil. Now it purrs like...
  8. 1971 Honda cb350 parting out.

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    I have a 1971 honda cb350 I'm going to part out. Bike is pretty much complete. If interested in any parts or pics text me at 12082865600 I'm located in Boise, Idaho willing to ship at buyers expense plus paypal fee. I do accept paypal.
  9. Triple tree with height adjustment.

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I have a 1969 honda CB350 and I'm looking to replace my top triple tree. My current triple tree does not have the ability to adjust my ride height by sliding the front forks through the triple tree. Can anyone help me with finding a later year and or model with height adjustment that will fit my...
  10. 72 CB350 Cafe Build in Brooklyn Center , MN

    Project Logs
    Picked up a 72 CB350 for $850 delivered to my garage door. Condition: pretty good, very little rust , tank is not rusted, frame looks good , engine has compression, carbs needs to be rebuild, bolts are all in good condition. Plan is to turn this a mean machine . Here is what it looks like...
  11. cafe seat

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Im looking for a new seat for my 1969 honda cb350. I want a cafe style seat that will be similar to my old seat pan that can utilize my original hinges and latches. Can anyone recommend a reputable website or local shop (im located in northern california, fairfield). Ive found some stores online...