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  1. 1982 Honda CM450E leaking oil

    Mechanical Issues
    Hello everyone!! I've currently started riding my old trusty Honda again and I noticed there was some oil leaking. The first thing I did was replace the plastic washer of the oil filter housing and of the drain bolt but it still leaked. Then I notice the leaking was coming from where the...
  2. How much can i do with a 1972 Honda CB 175

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hey Guys, Love bikes and only got into them recently, Im actually wanting to purchase my first one right now but i need some advice. I live in new york city and only want a bike so i can escape the city into the mountains upstate. I only plan to do this every other weekend, Would a 1972 honda...
  3. Making a dual taillight function as turn signals

    Electrical Issues
    Hello all. New to the forum, new-ish to bikes, ultra-new to wrenching and electrical work. I have a '74 CB 125 that I've upgraded it to 12v. I'm keeping all the stock parts, but just for fun I'm switching out some things to give it more of a "brat" look (with no irreversible modifications) -...
  4. Clutch will not disengage from Transmission - 1982 Honda CB 450 Nighthawk

    Engine Discussion
    I recently bought this bike, it was being converted into a cafe racer style, but previous owner stopped halfway through, so bike has been sitting for maybe 1-2 years. The first thing I noticed is that Clutch will not disengage from the transmission - I have the bike up on the center stand so...
  5. Advice on Honda CB for restoration

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hi all I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for any advice on the Honda CB models. I have been looking for a model to restore to stock condition but I can't decide. I have never ridden a bike or worked on one but i am a diy car enthusiast, I have pretty much fallen in love with restoring a CB and...
  6. Looking for CB175 K3 Manual, part list, etc

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hi I recently found my granfather's old bike, a Honda cb175 k3, completely stripped and have taken the project on. Perhaps a little optimistically. I was hoping somebody might have valid link to any and all relevant manuals, for the bike, wiring harness, anything that could help a first timer...
  7. 1975 Honda CB360T...I FOUND THE PROBLEM!

    Project Logs
    BEWARE: this is ugly! (Rated R) So today I wrenching on my 360T, and timed the points up perfect (this time i know forsure I did them right), watched a common motor video on youtube and went out and bought a continuity light to get them exact. I also set the cam chain tension perfect! Put...
  8. Honda cb250 carburetor problem

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I bought a Honda cb250 1993 nighthawk after he spent six months without use and now has the problem of flooding carburetor, when the motorcycle on the side Jack is turned off, and sometimes when he stops he also turns off. First'd love to know if the carburetor cleaning can help solve the...
  9. So, I bought a bike in boxes - 73' CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    I love Hondas. Always have. Owning my own Honda CB is something I have wanted for a few years now and I guess you can say my dream has come true, in a very misconstrued, backwards, ironic, kind of way. Once I was financially able to buy a CB I started casually scouring craigslist for a deal on...
  10. CB360 Ignition Coils

    Electrical Discussion
    Rebuilding a 1974 CB 360 I bought in boxes - it was sitting for 2 years. I have it together but not im struggling with the horrid electrical. WELL it won't start. Everything seems to be fine but my right side spark plug is not giving spark. Its not the spark plug, I tried it on both sides...
  11. Wanted: 1974 CB 200 kill switch (right hand controls)

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Want a cb 200 kill switch with the starter and brake lever spots. Looking to buy a good condition used one or new one if anyone has a online store that sells them. Any help is appreciated.
  12. 1974/75 CB360 build

    Project Logs
    Hey everyone. I've been hovering around the forum for awhile now, reading build logs, getting tips and tricks from you all, and generally learning as much as I can about Honda Twins! I've posted questions here and there but finally I think it's time to start a build log... This project is a...