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  1. Member Introductions
    Hey All! I'm new to this forum...and new to the Honda CB175..and new to owning a bike! Yup, my first bike is a project! And i don't have my licence yet! Crazy. The bike was a garage find and it was last registered in '93. Its has 7000 miles and the engine is super clean. I picked it up from a...
  2. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Looking for advice on what carburetors to run on my CL175 bored out to 200cc?!
  3. Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hey Guys, Love bikes and only got into them recently, Im actually wanting to purchase my first one right now but i need some advice. I live in new york city and only want a bike so i can escape the city into the mountains upstate. I only plan to do this every other weekend, Would a 1972 honda...
1-4 of 4 Results