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  1. CL 160 175 sloper head identification

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Guys! its been a while since Ive been here. My cl 160 had some motor problems last year in april and I brought it into a shop, its still there!!! The valves were pretty much wrecked so I bought another head, the guy who sold it to me says it was a 160 head. It bolts on and looks almost...
  2. Wanted: CB350 CL350 Head - 1970-1973

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm rebuilding mine and need a new one. Valve seat has come loose on mine and want to replace. Please DM with asking price!
  3. Internals- What's the deal with parts?

    Engine Discussion
    So I found rusted valves in the head of my motor so I immediately decided to find a "rebuild kit" and plan out the process but I cant seem to find parts through obvious google searches which leads me to believe we have to search for parts by spec rather than by application? I haven't found...
  4. Leaking like a BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

    Engine Discussion
    Looking for advise, sympathy, ridicule what ever you got really. Here's the deal. I'm using copper head and base gaskets that were treated with Permatex Copper Gasket Spray stuff on my CL350. I went with copper gaskets because of machining and wanting to have proper timing without having to...
  5. CB450 Valve guide cap replacement

    Engine Discussion
    Posted in my project log - but in case it doesnt get any traction there: Trying to replace my valve stem seals - the cap that goes over the valve guide - and it doesn't appear to fit correctly. It doesn't seat all the way. Sitting loose with the only the fork holding it doesn't feel right...
  6. Do it yourself port job

    Engine Discussion
    Has anyone ever done the dremel tool port and polish? I was thinking about tking a flap wheel to my head while I've got it off and giving her a good once over polish for good measure. Any thoughts? Also I'm looking for any suggestions for getting all that nasty carbon buildup off of the dome and...

    Engine Discussion
    IN 2005 the 25tooth Oil Pump gear sheared and head was ruined. Then in 2013 new weisco pistons, powder coat frame...Bike ran super - maybe 500 miles. This spring performance deteriorated, and too late... head was shredded again, and 25tooth gear was bent and 35 tooth Oil Pump Idle cracked in...