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  1. Oil leaking from head - Honda CB350 1974

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, i have a problem with my CB350. It's leaking oil from the head. I think it could be a blown headgasket, but i'm really not excited about taking out the motor and replacing it. Also i have good compression. Another thing i came across was this: This is the bolt right under the spark plug...
  2. CM400T Blown HG

    Engine Discussion
    I blew it! Quite literally. It was leaking oil, and I told myself she would last one more ride. Oops. I got a new gasket kit, and would like to change it. I really don't know where to start. Well, I know where to start (take of the seat and tank dummy!). But I will be slow going after that. I...
  3. How much blow-by is normal?

    Engine Discussion
    my CB400T runs great, the intake, and exhaust is stock, jeting is 2 sizes up on the primary, I have no complaints there... when I changed the oil last week, I took the drain plug off (engine warm) I let it drain for a bit and then I gave it a few kicks to see if more oil would come out. To...
  4. Ultra Black ?

    Tune Up
    Hi y'all Does anyone have experience using this stuff? How well it works compared to just getting a new factory gasket? Ive got a 1978 twin, 185cc. My trusted local bike mechanic recommended it when i asked about ordering a new head gasket. But seems like just getting the new gasket would be...
  5. 1980 CM400E Sort of Project

    Project Logs
    I'm about to embark on a repair odyssey which, to many of you, would be a walk in the park on a sunny day with a beautiful girl and an obedient dog. For me, it's something else. I'm a new rider and a total novice, mechanically speaking. Heck, I live in Oregon where we're not even allowed to...