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  1. Kickstart not returning CB400t/hawk

    Mechanical Issues
    Hi, I am new to this site and also kind of new to 'bike mechanics'. Just bought a project bike - 1989 Honda CB400t/hawk. In the videos it ran great but the prev owner informed me that the Kickstart wasn't returning. So I opened the Kickstart case cover and with it open the Kickstart returns...
  2. A Californian In Canada with a 1980 CB400T

    Member Introductions
    Hi all! Glad to say I am a member of the Honda twin family. This forum was super helpful when trying to work out if I should pick up this bike or not. This is my first bike. It's a 1980 CB400T with 3600 km on the odometer(!). Third (post-rebirth) owner. Guy I bought it from got it from the...
  3. 1978 CB400T II restoration

    Engine Discussion
    Last September I bought a 'barn find' Hawk with low miles and a lot of rust and neglect. I go the bike running by the end of October and got a few short rides in before winter set in here in western MA. Due to a combination of rust in the fuel tank and carburetor issues, it wasn't running...
  4. New Member- Excited to be here!

    Member Introductions
    Hi Everybody, Just here to introduce myself. I'm Jake and I live in Eugene, Oregon. I just picked up this 1978 Honda Hawk II. I own a Grom as well that I bought from my girlfriend after she upgraded. Wanted the Hawk because I was looking for something with a little more power (I'm new to...
  5. left-hand control wiring problem

    Electrical Discussion
    hey guys, ok, so I have a 1978 cb400 hawk II that I've done some work to and after putting everything back together I see a strange problem. I replaced the left-hand controls completely, there was an electrical problem with the horn button that started a small fire in the controls. The horn...
  6. 1982 CB450T Cylinder Removal

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, I've been having trouble removing the cylinder. I've done as the manual says and have removed what needs to be removed. The cylinder moves freely by about 4mm until it stops. It feels as though as though it's coming into contact with another piece of metal, but looking at diagrams and...
  7. 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk for sale

    Bikes and Parts For sale basically as post says any more info needed contact me.
  8. 1982 CB450T Hawk Burned out Headlight

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    New to the forum, and also new to motorcycles! (3 months riding) The bulb in my headlight has burnt out. I am not used to dealing with sealed beam headlights. I have been looking online and am having a hell of a time finding a replacement. I am open to replacing it with a newer halogen bulb...
  9. 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk smoking?

    Project Logs
    So, this is a update to my previous thread since I guess no one knew what was going on. After cleaning the carbs a million times, putting a carb kit in, new air cut off valves, new floats, it looks like I'm done with the carbs, kind of. Right now, I tested it out by letting it idle, idled...
  10. 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk

    Project Logs
    Ah... Where to begin... Long version: Well my friend does landscaping and after doing one house that a previous owner had left, had also left a dusty gem which would be the bike. My friend knew I was DYING to ride again and he sent me a message immediately. I told him I wanted to see it, hes...
  11. 78 CB400A Runs Idles Fine, Won't Shift Into Gear without Dieing

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, New to the forum, Names Brian. Northeast Ohio Lorain County Area, 28 Years Old DIY motorcycle enthusiast, Backyard mechanic no professional here but I do my best, Ive got a few motorcycles (74 cb500,71 Triumph Daytona 500,04 Suzuki DRZ400). I Rebuilt the top end of my cb500 and multiple...
  12. 81 hawk cb400t II electrical help

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys ive been working on my new project bike and I am getting so confused on whats wrong. Im trying to turn into a cafe racer but im having no luck. Ive been trying to do a complete rewire job and I cant get it to work out. It is almost impossible to find any help from just searching so now I...
  13. CM400T and CB400T Hawk Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone, Have some parts I need to get rid of. Pictures will show the condition of the parts. CM400 parts are better than the CB, which sat under a tent for a while (PO, not me). The CB400 has some parts left on the frame. Let me know what you need/see and we can go from there. If you...
  14. CB400t manuals to buy?

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hey all I just got into the twin game, if not the whole motorcycle scene with the purchase of my 1978 CB400T. It's gonna be my little winter project. Anyway I just wanted to know what manuals to get. I see there's a Clymers and maybe a hanynes? Then when looking around here people are sending...
  15. Chicago - 1978 CB400t

    Member Introductions
    Oy, this old Hawk is my first bike. She has some faded clear coat and just over 15k miles on the odo but seems to be quite peppy. If there are any "obvious" crash course threads to look into on typical things to be aware of or fix please do! Thank you! John N
  16. 1978 Honda Hawk Rear Sprocket Plate?

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hello everyone, I was hoping you all might be able to give me some help. I'm trying to replace the rear sprocket on my '78 Hawk TII. However, I've noticed that all of the replacement sprockets are all just a sprocket unto themselves. The stock sprocket has a back plate of sorts that is riveted...
  17. '78 CB400a - Project Step Up

    Project Logs
    Just a quick intro about this project I've undertaken. I came into a 1978 CB400a through a family member recently. It's been in a basement for at least the past 10 years and the odometer shows 850 miles. As the story goes, said family member acquired this bike plus a second identical bike from a...
  18. First Project 1978 Honda Hawk Type 1 CB400TI

    Project Logs
    Here is my first find near my area. A 1978 Honda Hawk with a seized motor. I am going to work on the motor to try and get the pistons free due to seizing and then get everything else properly replaced and cleaned to get it running again. Once I do that I plan on modifying it into a cafe racer...
  19. Southwestern Scrambler/Adventure Project -- Honda CB400T

    Project Logs
    Hello! I've picked up a 1980 Honda CB400T from user emeritus TankGirl, whose original project thread may be found here: TankGirl seems to have been a competent mechanic, however I was not aware of its...
  20. 1982 CB450T Broken Wheel

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey guys, I'm posting here because I'm not sure what else to do concerning the problem I have with my rear wheel. A few days ago I was riding around in the city and came up to an intersection. I heard some loud rattling, so I decided it would be best to push it to the side walk. Upon...