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  1. Electrical Discussion
    i'm trying to figure out what i'm wiring what to what for this 3 toggle switch and a new halogen headlight. i know my white and blue are my low and high. they go directly to the 'on' prongs on the toggle i believe (correct me if im wrong pleaase) green...where does green go? and the 'off'...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    Hello HT forum! I had posted a while back with some engine issues, but with those now solved, I'm moving on to other issues with the bike. Riding at night has always been a hand-clenching experience on some of the darker back roads as my old sealed beam just doesn't have the reach. I know the...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys Going ahead with the conversion to 12 v of my 1977 cd175 and I have sourced a 35/35w H4 headlight bulb which is similar in draw to the stock 25/25w item and my question is this. Is there an aftermarket or even honda headlight backing to take the H4 bulb or will I have to butcher a car...
  4. Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 1982 CB450T that needs a whole new headlight. 7-8 years ago I was able to buy a whole new kit from Old Bike Barn that allowed me to convert from SBU to Halogen. They don;t have the part anymore. Wondered if others had good solutions? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results