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  1. Turn signals not flashing!

    Electrical Discussion
    I recently noticed that the turn signals on my 75 cl360 do not flash, the light turns on, but its a just a solid light, no blinking. I first expected the turn signal relay to be the culprit, especially since there are only two connections, when there are three wires(black, white, and green)...
  2. CB450 K5 RH Controls Ground question??

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, so after a fiasco with those EMGO universal handlebar switches, I decided to go back to the stock Honda ones that originally came on the bike when I purchased it. I know they work, (or did before I replaced them in my build). I replaced the stock bars with clipons, (black anodized)...
  3. Power Everywhere But Wont Start - 73 CB350

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello everybody! I've been doing a load of research on my problem but haven't been able to figure it out, so I made an account to ask for help! A little backstory - I bought this bike nearly 2 years ago and it ran (rough but still ran). I didn't even ride it before I started tearing it apart...
  4. CB360T Headlight Ground?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All ... I have a question regarding the headlight ground for my 360T .... I am not planning to utilize the original headlight mount ... instead, I have a couple of brackets that attach to the front fork uppers (not unusual) ... however, as I remount the wiring harness, I know there are...