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  1. CB450 / CB500 Gearshift Spindle the same??

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just discovered a broken gearshift spindle on a 1971 CB450 (the part that engages on the shifter, about an inch from the pivot joint), two questions- would the gearshift spindle from a 1974 CB500T work (I have a donor engine) and other than general fatigue what might have caused this break? Just...
  2. CB 450 Gearshaft/Shiftshaft

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    New to posting here but have gotten plenty of advice from its pages int he past and much appreciate it. I'm looking for the gearshift spindle for a 1974 cb450k7, or within a few years: too far back and the OEM number changes and I'm not sure it will fit however, if somebody knows better please...
  3. Complete noob from Eastern PA - 1972 CB450

    Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I've been lurking the threads trying to soak up as much info as I can, and finally decided to register an account. I've recently purchased a 1972 CB450 (K5 I think.. going from the VIN).. this is my very first bike. I am a computer guy by profession, and don't tinker in the least bit...
  4. CB450SC Gauge Cluster AND gearshift pedal

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    My current one is pretty wrecked and I would love to find a decent deal on a cluster. This includes the spedo, tach, and the warning/info light panel. I kept having problems ordering gearshift pedals that didn't clear the engine and had to be bent. If someone has the correct pedal for my model...
  5. 1973 CL350 gear shift spindle -- stripped -- repair -- advice

    Engine Discussion
    The splines on my gear shift spindle and shift lever were gnarled when I got my bike. They'd shift but it was pretty tricky and I could see the teeth didn't have much to grab. I replaced the shift lever as it looked the words and I thought it would be enough. After riding the bike last night, I...