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  1. Does anyone actually buy anything from CMSNL?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    It's fantastic that they have every Fiche but shipping from the UK is just about the same price as my order. Am I better off getting the part numbers together and checking with a local dealer or sourcing from here and there? Honestly don't feel like I need to pay that much for some gaskets and...
  2. WTB cb200 oil seal kit and gaskets

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi just recently started to rebuild 1975 CB200 engine and trying to find a complete set of oil seals. All of the ones on eBay are for a different model or just single seals for a lot of $. Any recommendations on Gasket kit brands as well? There are a lot cb200 kits but not sure about the...
  3. 1972 CB350 Carbs –*To tune or not to tune?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I got this 1972 Honda CB350 back in May as my first non-dirtbike bike, and as a way to teach myself more about the mechanics of a motorcycle. I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a straight forward answer so I'll try here. My right carb gasket is most likely the culprit of a slow gas leak...
  4. Next step for my CL350 engine?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, I'm new to this awesome forum. Lot's of good info but I still need some help. The CL350K4 didn't run when I bought it but the previous owner said that it had been running good a couple of years ago but he knew that the carbs were a mess after sitting for a while. I cleaned and rebuilt...
  5. First Start up after rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Gents, So I'm near completion of re-assembling a '80 cm400t. usual top end rebuild (new oem gaskets, cylinder honing, new rings, valve seals, valves, cylinder jug and cylinder head planing, etc.. ) But i'm wondering if i should rebuild now? or later.. Basically i won't have enough cash...
  6. Engine Top-End Last Minute Questions

    Engine Discussion
    Ready to reassemble but the Clymer manual has me second guessing a few things: Page 72 warns "be sure to discard O-rings and replace them with the new ones, or oil leakage will be sure to occur." The figure depicts a o-ring around a dowel on the rear corner engine cylinder stud which channels...
  7. Ultra Black ?

    Tune Up
    Hi y'all Does anyone have experience using this stuff? How well it works compared to just getting a new factory gasket? Ive got a 1978 twin, 185cc. My trusted local bike mechanic recommended it when i asked about ordering a new head gasket. But seems like just getting the new gasket would be...