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  1. CB200 Intake Manifold O-Ring?

    Engine Discussion
    Hiya folks! I think I'm finally narrowing down my fuel issues in my CB200. I've been fighting with it fouling out plugs lately, and I hardly get the chance to put any miles on it. I've pulled the carburetors off again (I rebuilt them the beginning of this year) to go over them again and make...
  2. Air Cleaner Upper Gasket Needed

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey everyone, just getting some things in order for the upcoming season and haven't really had a chance to go over the bike much since I got it late last fall. When changing out the air filter, I noticed the upper gasket (part # GASKET - 17219-447-000) was pinched in two spots and now garbage...
  3. Oil Troubles

    Engine Discussion
    Hi there, It has been ages since I posted here, but I'm pretty stumped on something. I have oil leaks from the oil cover (major ones), crankcase cover, kickstart lever, and the cam box. I pulled the old rubber gasket from the oil cover* and replaced it with a fiber one I bought online. I was...
  4. Cylinder Head Gasket Fit

    Engine Discussion
    Wrapping up a cam chain replacement on my 73 CB450 and realized one of the guide pin cutouts in the cylinder head gasket isnt big enough. Looking around at dime city and 4into1, im pretty sure this is the correct commercially available gasket. Can I cut the hole bigger or am I missing something...
  5. CB350 Oil Pump Gasket Question

    Engine Discussion
    I've made some oil pump gaskets before using a paper bag and High Tack Gasket Sealant before and I suppose it worked well enough but this time I've happened across some NOS gaskets. My question is whether or not to apply any kind of goo to the gasket or not? Another question I was wondering...
  6. Exhaust pipe to power chamber gasket for '78 CB400TII

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, I’m looking for some help. I'm trying to find the right part for a 1978 CB400TII. I hope this is the appropriate form section for exhaust questions. When I purchased the bike, the PO talked me through the work that he had done already, and the things he hadn't gotten to. He mentioned...
  7. Cb100 Case Gasket Thickness

    Other Bikes
    Does anybody have a cb100 case gasket they could measure the thickness of for me? Thanks!
  8. Oil leak? Can't figure out why...

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, I've had a small oil leak out of the front right corner of the clutch side cover. It was pretty consistent (about one drip every minute, and dripped more when engine was running), so I opened up the cover this morning to see if the gasket was torn or if there was a nick in the case...
  9. Honda CB500T rebuild help

    Engine Discussion
    I have a '76 CB550T. It has a small oil leak from the left side head gasket. I thought I'd maybe pull the engine out and rebuild it for the spring, but I can't find anywhere to get the parts. Can anyone tell me where I can get the parts I need for a rebuild? Gaskets, piston rings, ect. I was...