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  1. Engine Discussion
    Good afternoon, I recently rebuilt the engine after changing the shifter drum and everything started ok but my biggest fear was realized, there was a significant oil leak coming from the tach cover on the left side (not cable side). I changed the gasket twice and can not torque the bolts...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I just put some Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker on right side engine panel of my 82' nighthawk 450, as the old gasket was falling apart and leaking oil. I've put the panel on now and am letting the gasket cure. How long should I wait to put in oil/start up the bike? I'm dying to ride it, as...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Gang: I'm building a CB175 engine. I know I will need to use Hondabond to put the halves of the lower engine case together. Do I need to use any gasket adhesive when installing the numerous gaskets in the case, or install them without adhesives? If an adhesive should be used, any...
1-3 of 3 Results